UWE LGBT+ Society 2020/21

We welcome everyone to our events, ALLY and LGBT+ can join in and get involved! 

Discord Server! 

Hey all! Due to restrictions we have created a Discord server for our hangouts and talks. Be sure to join via this link! https://discord.gg/aJnNjTk

Giveaway & Raffle!

We're holding a giveaway for everyone who signs up for a membership for our society! (its free!) You'll be given the choice of a mini pride flag or pride button badge, along with some sweeties!

To receive your freebies, first sign up for a membership here on our SU page, then complete this google form to choose the freebies you'd like and how you'd like to receive them -


You'll also automatically be entered into a raffle with five random winners!

1st prize - a rainbow tote bag and a £30 restaurant choice gift card. Four other winners will also receive a rainbow tote bag! If you win a prize you'll be contacted by email.

So what are you waiting for? sign up for a membership to UWE lgbt+ today!

What's coming up this year?

For lastest info check out our Facebook page where all our events are listed and updated!

Due to Covid-19 our society plans have changed to accommodate social distancing and term Zero. However we still intend to have a full calander of events, including our traditional coffee afternoons and film nights. Plus this year we are hoping to increase interaction between other societies and ourselves.  Full calender to be distributed soon!

Some of our Upcoming 2020 Events!

• Freshers Fair - Afterparty & Meetup - Oct 9th @ 17:30
• Black History Month Movie Night: Rafiki (2018) - Oct 13th - In collaboration with @UWEBAME Society
• Queer Womens' Meetup & Social - Oct 16th
• Trans & Non-binary Meetup & social - Oct 19th
• Ace Awareness quiz (Asexual Awareness Week) - Oct 22nd
• BAME lgbt+ Meetup & Social - 24th Oct - In collaboration with @UWEBAME Society
• And Many More to Come!

Our Regularly Schduled Events -

• Monthly Virtual Coffee Meetups - Starting October 10th
• Movie Nights - Every Two Weeks - Starting October 13th
• Identity Specific Meetups - Queer Women, Trans/Non-binary, & BAME

Who is on the UWE LGBT+ Team?

All societies have an elected committee, which can build a hierarchy and make for an unapproachable feel! This year we've thrown out the 'Committee' concept! Eveyone on UWE LGBT+ Team were individually elected at the end of last year, and we are always open for people to join and get involved. Everyone on the team is super nice and friendly, you're more than welcome to contact us on any of our personal social media accounts!

President - Cayla McGown @cayla.mcgown 

Vice-President - Katie Louise 

Treasurer - Bee Martucci @brandon.martucci14

Participation and Equality Officer - Ollie Ley @ollie_ley 

Queer Women's Rep - Katie Louise

City Campus Rep - Cecil Mckie @cecilitup

Social Media and Communications - Chloe Burden @chloe_kempe18

Several other roles are yet to be filled. If you think you'd like to be on the committee get in touch. 

Where can you find us?

Our social media is super easy! All Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter use the same username...


We also have a hidden facebook page (for discretion and secrecy)

Click Herehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/UWEstudent/

To join this page you must join the society via this page. When requsting to join facebook will ask for your Student ID or email before being allowed in.

How can I get involved?

In the coming year we will be having an open meeting where members can meet the new team for the next academic year, suggest things for the society, as well as ask and challenge the team.

Also, we are always open to any suggestions for anything students want to organise!

This year we won RAG'S Fundrasing society of the year after raising and donating £3,564 to amazing LGBT+ charities. If fundrasing is something you'd like to get involved in contact the committee or see our socials. 

LGBT+, ALLY or Associate membership?

LGBT+ - Someone who identifies as LGBT+

ALLY - Someone who doesn't identify as LGBT+ but is supportive of LGBT+ people

Associate - Someone who is not a current UWE student (Staff, Ex-Student or Community) 

We only have one level of membership, all three choices will entitle you to the same (We're all about Inclusivity and equality. Not inequality!)

For information on community organisations, activties and support groups please see here.

For further information regarding the reporting of Hate Crimes, Sexual health and Student Information please look at our Useful Links page on our website. If you can't find the answer to your question then please contact us via email or facebook and we will get back to you ASAP.



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