No elections are currently running

Hi and welcome to the UWEye Optometry Society! 

Our aim is to organise social and academic events for students; to meet new people, hang out and support eachother :)

We are YOUR Society and are here for any queries, questions and feedback you may have.
Feel free to contact us via any of our platforms and we'll be happy to help.


President - Isabelle Horrocks
Vice President - Aminah Nazir
Treasurer - Isa Sheikh



31st March: Orders sent and confirmed
4th April: Payment in progress
5th April: We've been informed today that some hoodie colour/size options are not in stock. Please check your emails if you ordered a hoodie, as we may need you to pick a new colour. If you have not recieved an email then you don't need to do anything.
8th April: All orders have been confirmed again and the stock reserved.
25th April: Payment was delayed, and is now due to be sent out this week before production can begin.
9th May: Expected to be ready for you to collect from the university 16th May.