Welcome to UWE lacrosse!

Here at UWE lacrosse we aren't just a team, we think of ourselves as one big family, all coming together to play a unique sport, enjoy socialising and make some friends for life!

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport at university level in the UK and the standard is continuing to increase massively each year.

We have 2 men's teams and 2 women's teams all playing competitively in BUCS throughout the year!

We partake in Tour which occurs each year around the easter holidays and have previously been to Croatia and Italy. Each year we get away for a week of partying, sunshine and of course, lacrosse! We are always joined by other sports teams from the university as well as various univerity teams in the UK. Our tour video highlights can be seen on our YouTube channel in the link above!

Both experienced players AND beginners are encouraged to join our family so make sure you come and try it!

We also have a very social aspect to our club with mixed weekly socials and different themes and events organised by our social secs!

If you have any queries after reading about UWE Lacrosse, please don't hesitate to message us on our Instagram page.



We train twice a week, rain or sunshine and play games on Wednesdays.

Tuesdays- 6-8pm @ Lockleaze Sports Centre 

Sundays - 6-8pm @ UWE Hillside Gardens


Men's Lacrosse

Men's Lacrosse has the best qualities of every sport! It combines the physicality of American football and rugby, with the speed and agility of football and basketball.

Our Men's 1st Team have been promoted for their outstanding play last season, making it to both the League and Cup finals!

We also have a fantastic coach from Bristol Bombers Lacrosse Team who has hugely improved the play of our men's team, and will be coming back for an even better and tougher 20/21 season.

All kit will be provided by the club (helmets, sticks, pads and gloves) so there is no need to go out and buy anything if you don't want to. All you have to do is come along to our taster sessions to meet the team and play lacrosse!

Men's 1st Team:

Men's Captain

  • Josh Whelan - Men's 1st Team Captain


Women's Lacrosse

Enjoy playing sport but want to try something new? Why not give Lacrosse a try? It’s a fast-paced team sport and unlike the men’s version it’s non-contact!

This year we aim to have a 3rd team as a development squad for our new freshers wanting to join!

Our 1st Team finshed 2nd in their league this season and the development of our 2nd Team was outstanding given the teams they were challenged against, as most of the 2nd Team are beginners!

We can provide you with sticks so don't worry if you don't have one yet! We just need you to come and meet us and enjoy playing lacrosse!

Women's 1st Team:

Women's 2nd Team:

Women's Captains

  • Emma Harris - Women's 1st Team Captain
  • Sarah Heppell - Women's 2nd Team Captain



President - Arshia Vaziry

Vice President - Molly Harris

Men's 1st Team Captain - Josh Whelan

Women's 1st Team Captain - Emma Harris

Women's 2nd Team Captain - Sarah Heppell

Social Secretaries - Beth Yates and Jake Nicholson

Treasurer - Liv Crocombe

Media and Publicity Officer - Hazel Rothney

Equipment and Safety Officer - Maria Brookes

Events and Fundraising Officer - Annie Bradley

Sustainability Officer - Katherine Wibberley