Are you ready to jump out of perfectly good aeroplanes? Study in the week, jump at the weekends with Skydive UWE, your university's very own skydiving sports club!
Skydive UWE offers numerous first jump courses for new members, which includes RAPS and AFF courses. For the more experienced skydivers, we offer coached jumps to help you progress in your disciplines. Follow this link to see more of what we do!
There are also free parachute packing lessons available every other week for any level of jumpers. Yes, free!
Come along to out Welcome Meeting for more info on Wednesday 27th September at 7pm, Frenchay Campus, SU Building 1, Engagement Space (1st Floor).

Never Skydived Before? No Problem!

We want to turn you into fully fledged skydivers and have 2 great ways to do this!!


Static Line Parachuting

Also known as RAPS (Ram Air Parachute System) is a system where you start jumping at low altitude and gradually get higher, initially on what we call a static line which opens your parachute for you. This will cost you £180 for the initial groundschool and 1st jump.

Subsequent jumps cost £45-£65 (depending on altitude, price includes the kit you need) and you can become a fully qualified solo skydiver in as little as 16 jumps.


Accelerated Freefall

Also known as AFF is the second system, where you start jumping from maximum altitude (13500 ft approx.) straight away, accompanied by 2 highly experienced instructors, giving you around a minute of freefall time.

This course has 8 jumps, each one requires you to demonstrate different skills to the instructors, for example turning, tracking, getting stable fast etc. Once these are completed successfully, there are further 10 consolidation jumps (aka consols) where you simply jump on your own and practice your awesome new skills and freedom. Couple of AFF videos from the club can be found here.

The first jump course including the 8 level jumps cost £1400 and the consol jumps are £35 each (including kit) for a total of £350. So this too can be completed in as little as 18 jumps, with the end result of being a qualified solo skydiver!


Experienced Jumpers

We have not 1, not 2  BUT 3 SKYDIVING RIGS that you'll have full access to use once qualified, saving £15 per skydive, which means you'll be able to jump for as little as £20 per jump!!!



The club runs regular socials with other skydiving clubs and local skydivers, which have included local pubs in bristol, Airkix, ice skating and lazer tag. We also attend BCPA (British Collegiate Parachute Association) skydiving events at various airfields around the country every few months where we get to meet fellow skydivers from other universities. Discounted trips to wind tunnels (a great help in progression in this sport) are also arranged depending on interest.

You can also attend at least one abroad trip for a minimum of a week. In the past these trips have taken us to Europe and America. These are run by the BCPA, watch this video for a taster of the fun that can be experienced.


We have a new design for the hoodies this year. Order them with your groundschool to recieve yours in the first batch order. Size will be requested at checkout.




Check out our Facebook group

Post there or e-mail us if you wish to sign up for one of our amazing skydiving courses! If you have any questions, do not hesiatate to ask.



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