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Useful leaflets

  • Accommodation Options Leaflet - a housing options leaflet containing a list of letting agents, private hall providers, temporary accommodation and other useful sites to search for somewhere to live.
  • Blank Inventory - An inventory can prevent disputes about how much of your deposit you should get back when you move out. Don't hand over a deposit until you have checked the inventory. Note down anything wrong with the property or with the fixtures and fittings. This is to make sure you don't get charged for something that was damaged when you moved in. You can also take photos showing the condition of the property.


  • Accommodation Scams - Looking for accommodation can be a daunting prospect, and unfortunately, we do hear of students being scammed, so here are some of the warning signs to look out for.



Useful links

  • Marks Out Of Tenancy - rate and review your landlord/agency, property and area when you move out of your accommodation so next year's students know what to expect when searching for their perfect pad.


Contents insurance

When living in private accommodation you will need to take out personal contents insurance designed to cover the sort of stuff students own, like your gadgets, books, clothes and bicycle. The policy will pay out if the unexpected happens and your possessions are lost in events like a fire, theft, flood or storm.

Landlords insurance only covers their house and their items of furniture. It does not cover any of the tenant’s property. You can research quotes for insurance through comparison websites such as:

If you need help to manage your money and create a budget; Blackbullion is an easy to use learning platform designed to help you develop essential money skills, and it’s FREE for UWE students.


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