Sarah Atkinson, Head of Events and Stakeholder Engagement

Sarah commented: “In my day job I oversee a team of seven delivering the University’s graduation ceremonies and corporate events.

“I have always been a runner, but in the last 14 months I started doing a lot more races, some charity challenges and joining some club runs. I love running and everything it represents. I’m not your average athlete in build (I’m curvy) but it just makes me want to show everyone that anyone, of any size, shape or build, can run!

“I also love everything it does for you – it makes you challenge yourself, makes you achieve things you never thought you could (I ran a half marathon last year!) and the running community is honestly one of the friendliest communities, people really back each other!

“The one big thing for me is it’s especially good in helping me manage my mental health, I suffer with anxiety and running gives me the headspace to manage this. I feel so much better after a run, even in the darkest of days running gets you up and out.

“I love taking part in charity challenges, especially for the charity Mind. The last two January’s I have taken part in Run Every Day January (yes that really is running every day!), I have also done Miles for Mind and Run up 2 Christmas. All these little challenges inspire me to do more with my running.


image of sarah atkinson

“This year I am hoping to do a race a month, I’m sorted up until August at the moment. I like having a challenge ahead, it helps me plan my running. I am running my second half marathon, the Bath Half in March, so we’ll see how that goes! I have yet to do a sub 60minute 10K, so maybe I could aim for that for the Bristol 10K! I try not to set myself up to fail though, for me it really is just the taking part that matters.

“I really wanted to become a run leader so that I could help people realise they can do it too. Running fitness doesn’t happen overnight, if you’re new to running just start out and see how you get on and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone has different fitness/speeds/builds, but ultimately if you run six miles at your pace it’s still the same distance as someone else who might be quicker! Take it slowly! Don’t be nervous, go out, sign up to some fun races and try and meet other runners (do park run, join running clubs), everyone has a story to share which will inspire you! Also make sure you incorporate other exercise around running, the stronger you are physically, the better runner (so I am told, I am no expert!).”

Training tips

You can access a range of dedicated running groups that are suitable for all abilities and led by qualified run leaders. We’ve also launched a variety of detailed training plans to help you build a running routine. Find out more.

When you sign up to the 10k with Team UWE Bristol you also get free entry to the Varsity 5k, which is taking place on Sunday 24 March at Frenchay. Find out more.

What's your 10k story?

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  • Can you introduce yourself, including what you do, or what you are studying at UWE Bristol?
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  • Do you have any future running goals? (i.e. are you hoping to set a new personal best or are you running for a charity?
  • What advice would you give those just starting their running journey?
  • What is the best thing about being part of Team UWE Bristol?

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The Great Bristol 10K is open to all abilities, so all UWE Bristol students, staff and alumni are invited to be part of Team UWE Bristol on Sunday 5 May. You will receive a fantastic discounted run entry fee as well as a team T-shirt.

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