Safer Spaces Policy

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Date Passed: 19th November

Speaker: Tom Renhard

This Union Notes:

1. That in April 2011 our Safe Space Policy formally lapsed

2. That an updated Safe Space Policy was presented to the Equality and Diversity Forum on November 5th 2013 with feedback provided on how to improve it further

3. That the university expressed its support for the policy at the aforementioned meeting and is willing to collaborate on this

This Union Believes:

1. That we all aspire to provide an environment where students can express their views free from discrimination, harassment and bullying

2. That ‘Freedom of Speech’ should be respected as well as recognising its boundaries

3. That we must respect our diverse population and take a zero tolerance approach to discrimination in any term.

4. That reporting mechanisms need to be clearly identified

This Union Resolves:

1. To implement a Safer Spaces Policy in collaboration with the university with the following statement:

“UWESU is committed to our core value of inclusivity and will take a zero tolerance approach to language or behaviour that is racist, sexist, homophobic, threatening or violent, that could cause offence to a student with a disability as well as any other student that feels harassed, bullied or discriminated against”.

2. UWESU therefore operates a Safer Spaces Policy

3. Please support us to provide an environment in which all students can enjoy university and union spaces.

4. Breach of the ‘Safer Spaces Policy’ will result in disciplinary action.

5. To help protect UWE students online and offer support and assistance, and to condemn social media pages that break this.

6. To include information on how to report unwanted and unsafe behaviour

7. To lobby the university to place this in strategic and visible locations across all of our campuses

8. To place the policy in all of our Union spaces which will include: offices, bars and retail outlets (list not exhaustive)

9. To lobby current affiliates to display the policy prominently and where it will be easily visible by visiting students to affiliate venues and other places of business

10. That the prominent display of Safe Space in resolve five is made a contractual obligation in all future agreements signed with affiliates, especially venues

11. That this policy is reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant and fit for purpose


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