Late Night Did It Right
Late Night Do It Right Campaign Staff

“Not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they wear yellow T-shirts”

The Leadership Race by-elections

Part Time Officer, Student Council and NUS Delegations Elections Nominations Close Noon Monday 15 October. Be More, be the voice of your community.

UWE Bristol Business Case Competition is back for 2018!
UWE Bristol Business Competition is back for 2018

Fancy yourself as a business mastermind? Been watching The Apprentice and feel inspired? Get involved in the UWE Bristol Business Case Competition 2018!

Loyalty Scheme Survey
Augusta Chidinma Nnajiofor, VP Community and Welfare

Have your say on a loyalty scheme for The Students' Union, fill in the survey and have your voice heard.

Black History Month - What's On

Black History Month falls in October every year and is aimed at celebrating the culture, origins, histories and achievements of African and Caribbean communities and their diaspora. This month we are highlighting the power of feminism within the black community, showcasing the existing talents of our students from these backgrounds; from spoken word poetry to dance and fashion.

Environmental Auditing Opportunity

Want to gain skills and experience in environmental auditing in a hospital setting?

Calling all UWE students! Do you have some great ideas?

The Students' Union is here for you and our student ideas page is the perfect platform to get your ideas out there and your voice heard!

Become a Student Rep
Representation at The Students' Union

With the academic year getting underway, your lecturers will be putting the feelers out and giving students the option to become a Student Rep.

Welfare Committee/Volunteers for World Mental Health Day campaign

We are currently looking for passionate students who are interested in working towards improving the wellbeing of students, raising the awareness of mental health and promoting and encouraging the use of the support services available on campus.

Rep of the Month - May
Andreea Brebenar is May's Rep of the Month

As part of our drive to reward and recognise our Student Reps we have introduced a Rep of the Month Award. This award is given to a Rep who has gone above and beyond their duties to bring issues to the attention of staff, make positive changes and engage students in their academic experience.

Green Therapy: World Mental Health Day 2018

How nature can have a positive effect on your mental health

All you need to know about Bristol Varsity 2018
Varsity 2018

The Bristol Varsity Series is the second largest Varsity event within the UK, with nearly 5,000 students, staff, alumni and local community members coming together to participate, volunteer or spectate over a series of sporting events. Our Bristol Varsity is joint with the University of Bristol and features a whole host of exciting events for you to get involved in this year.

How to discover the local countryside without a car?

Find out about ways to discover the countryside in a green way!

Take time to look after yourself
Look after your wellbeing

Going to university is an enriching experience, but sometimes student life can be challenging. That's why it's important to look after yourself and take steps to improve your wellbeing if you feel it slipping.

10 things you didn't know about The Students' Union
10 things you didn't know about The SU

Welcome to The Students' Union at UWE - remember, we are here to help you settle in and enjoy your time at university. We're run by students, for students. Want to know more? Keep reading!

How to stay active at uni
Stay fit and healthy at uni

Coming to university is a huge lifestyle change, you have the freedom to do what you want and, more importantly, eat what you want! But it's important to remember to stay active and healthy whilst at university, exercise is not only good for your wellbeing but will keep you fit and healthy!

FoMSF Hosts Livestream of MSF Scientific Day

On 24th May, FoMSF hosted a livestream of the 'research' MSF Scientific Day. We raised over £40 and were thrilled to have been involved.

The art of juggling your money!
Manage your money at university

Welcome to university life! The first few weeks must of university will be hectic. Budgeting and money stuff will probably slip from your packed agenda. We know that the beginning of the year can be overwhelming but, don’t panic, we are here to help!

UWE FoMSF Conference without Borders

We are hosting a livestream of the "Research" MSF Scientific Day on 24th May. This is being livestreamed from London. The event is free but we will be fundraising throughout the day. Topics include climate change's effect on health, and maternal and baby health. There will also be cake :)

25 reasons why you should start cycling

With the weather getting warmer and summer finally starting to show, it’s so much easier to hop on a bike and start cycling. Cycling has LOADS of benefits for both you and the planet, so here is why you should start…

8 quick ways to personalise your uni room

Make yourself feel more at home in your new room at university by putting your own personal touch on it. Check out our ideas...

Tips to help you settle into your first term
Tips to help you survive first term

Moving to university is a big step, moving away from family and friends and making a life for yourself can seem overwhelming. We've got some top tips to help you settle in during your first term...

UWE Friends of MSF at Africa Week Health Forum

We fundraised at the Africa Week Health Forum, and raised £32.36. We would like to thank the organisers of Africa Week and their guests for their kindness and generosity.

Top 5 activities to get to know your housemates

Moving in with new people when you start university can be strange, we've put together some ideas on how you can get to know your housemates.

UWE Friends of MSF Febookuary Event

On 21st February, we sold second hand books at Glenside SU while fundraising for MSF. We raised £31.20, and donated the unsold books to the students' union. We would like to thank everyone for their generosity.

Bristol's dirty problem...and how can you make a difference!

Bristol's rubbish is flooding our streets, posing a risk to our wildlife and spoiling the landscape. You can make a difference, even 5 minutes helps...

Retail Supervisor (Fixed Term for 6 Months)

We are seeking a Retail Supervisor to work for 6 months in our Students' Union shops on Frenchay campus. The successful candidate will be responsible for managing staff and replenishment and merchandising.

10 things we love about Bristol

Bristol is a great city, full of great events, music, food and much more. It's a hive of activity, no matter what the season and we hope you love it as much as we do! Here are our top 10 favourite things about the city...

UWE FoMSF at Bengali New Year Celebrations

UWE FoMSF attended the Bengali New Year Celebrations held by Muktomoncho Bristol community group on 15th April. We spoke briefly about the work MSF does and raised £46.13. thank you.

Dare to take on the Varsity Zombie Run

Bristol has been taken over by zombies. An advance party have gone missing, and with them the only key to the antidote. The survival of the city depends on you!

Wednesday 31 October, 18:00 – 20:00

Fundraising and Community Coordinator

We have a full time (37 hours per week) Fundraising and Community Coordinator vacancy here at The Students' Union. You will be operationally coordinating and supporting the development and delivery of the fundraising programme.

UWE Model United Nations Report 2017-18

Check out the report from this year's Model United Nations conference to see which motions passed and the final resolution.

Black History Month: October

Black History Month falls in October every year and is aimed at celebrating the culture, origins, histories and achievements of African and Caribbean communities and their diaspora.

Do It Yourself! - 5 things anyone could make or repair

Five skills which will reduce your consumption. Make not buy!

Preparing for the gardening season

The Green Team would like to introduce a new series of gardening worshop together with 6 tips for the preparation for the season!

Win £100 with our sustainability survey
Win £100 with our sustainability survey

You could win £100 by completing The Students' Union at UWE and UWE Bristol's online SHORT confidential survey about your opinions and attitudes towards sustainability.

Meet new members of student-led Sustainability Committee!

Introducing - Curzio, Layla and Amy, our new members of the Sustainability Committee

Submit a student idea

The Students’ Union is here for you and our Student Ideas page is the perfect platform to get your idea out there and your voice heard.

Mushroom Foraging Experience with Martin Bailey

Read about a student's Mushroom Foraging experience!

Referendum Results
The Students' Union logo

The results of the no-confidence vote are published.

10 (easy) things you can do to reduce your plastic use

Feeling inspired after watching Blue Planet 2? Here are 10 things you can do to reduce your plastic and help keep our oceans clean.

7 outdoorsy things you can do over Autumn in Bristol

It's not too late to get outside! Green team suggests 7 local, cheap and accessible ways to spend time in nature this Autumn.

Let Bristol Breathe

Green Team uncovers how green is the air we are breathing and what can we do about it....

DPC By-Election Results
The Students' Union logo

Your new member of the Democratic Procedures Committee

NUS Women's Conference Delegates
By-election results

The successfully elected Delegates to NUS Women's Conference 2018.