Jailbreak Postponed

We have had to take the very regrettable and difficult decision to postpone this week’s Jailbreak Event. This is not a decision we have taken lightly, we have delayed it as far as we feel is feasible however the risk factor has only increased as time has passed and overnight has become a level that we have deemed unsafe for the event to take place. We wanted to explain to you the factors that we considered in making this decision:

  • The forecast has changed within the last 24 hours, we are now predicted snow and minus zero temperatures at the weekend.
  • As a result of the weather there is already (with further expected) travel disruption. This would have a significant impact on your travel plans and success in the event. Airports are closed and flights delayed which will impact this weekend.
  • Currently within the UK and Northern Europe by Sunday the highest we expect the temperature to reach is 3°C which we would consider dangerous for you to be in for extended periods of time. It is expected that it will feel like -9°C on Saturday around the Bristol area which is exceptionally cold to be outside in.
  • Both Reading and Exeter RAG’s have postponed their Jailbreaks which were due to take place this weekend, we have waiting longer to postpone ours, but inevitably have taken a similar decision.
  • With weather warnings in place there are now warnings against anything but essential travel this weekend. We cannot justify this event as essential travel.
  • The University has announced it is closed on Friday and with it deeming the situation unsafe to travel in, we have to follow suit in deeming it unsafe to do so.

We hope you understand the reasoning behind our decision and that it is not been taken lightly. We completely understand the impact this will have on study plans, logistics and perhaps financially. However ultimately we want to put your welfare and safety first which was the primary motivation for this decision.

Also please note that therefore today’s pre-departure briefing will also NOT take place, we will be in touch about re-scheduling that.

Rescheduling the event

So therefore we would like the event to take place on the weekend of 17th/18th of March, (in two weekends time). We hope as many of you could make this weekend, however understand the impact it will have. We will be in touch next week to confirm those who can still take place. We were overcome by the amount of support we had for Jailbreak this year with more teams then we could hope so we therefore we hope as many of you can continue to support this event.


If anyone has any questions regarding the situation, please do get in touch.