Annual Alcohol Impact Survey 2018/2019

Earlier this year, we invited all UWE Bristol students to take part in our annual Alcohol Impact survey. The survey is run by The National Union of Students and aims to explore students’ behaviour towards and attitudes to alcohol use. The survey also provides insights into the perceptions that students hold in relation to their peers, themselves and alcohol. A fabulous 315 students took the time to complete the survey… we salute you! However, this fell short of the number of responses we required to meaningfully track trends in student alcohol consumption. Therefore, we will be doubling our efforts next year and need your help and support to make positive changes to students’ experience with alcohol at UWE Bristol.

We are currently digesting your responses to make a plan of action for the next academic year (watch this space!). In the meantime, here is a brief summary of students’ relationship with alcohol at UWE Bristol:

  • 27% of UWE Bristol students drink alcohol 2-3 days a week, 50% of UWE Bristol students’ drink alcohol once a week or less.
  • 13% of UWE Bristol students identify as non-drinkers.
  • 37% of UWE Bristol students drink alcohol with the intention of getting drunk at least once a week.
  • Whilst 78% of UWE Bristol students agreed that drinking too much too quickly can cut short a great night out with friends, 46% still reported that it can be difficult not to drink too much on a night out.
  • UWE Bristol students reported a perception that being a student means heavy drinking – 85% believed that drinking and getting drunk is part of university culture and 84% agreed that it is almost expected that university students drink and get drunk.
  • Peer pressure is still seen as an issue for UWE Bristol students - 72% think that students drink alcohol to fit in with their peers, but students see this as more of an issue for other students than themselves, with 41% saying they never feel like their friends expect them to drink.
  • UWE Bristol students reported a number of ways to help control their drinking and avoid getting too drunk - 78% say they have one or two nights off drinking alcohol a week and 78% make sure they eat before drinking.
  • 18% of UWE Bristol students say they are aware of safe, and responsible drinking campaigns, however, only 2% report being involved in these campaigns. Although over half of UWE Bristol students feel there are enough social events at university that don’t involve drinking, a quarter feels there should be more.