Ashton Court Walks

Whether you have 5 minutes for a couple of hours, here are our favourite routes round Ashton Court from Bower Ashton Campus.

It's Get Active Week, so we have put together some of our favourite routes around Ashton Court. If you're at Bower Ashton, and have some spare time, this is the info for you! Please note: our timings are based on an average speed of 3 mph so if you know your faster or slower adjust accordingly. Ashton Court is full of paths and places to explore, we recommend you also go for wander and find the route thats suits you.

5-20 Minutes

Head out of the Car Park by the Theatre, turn left and then turn left as soon as you past the fence. This footpath is perfect for an out and back walk if you only have a short amount of time. 


  • Up to 1 mile
  • Nice and Flat
  • Paved/gravel path
  • Not super muddy but don't wear white shoes (especially in wintery wet weather)

30 Minutes

About a mile and a half, this route is mostly paved with a bit of gravelly path. This is our favourite route for when we have an hour break in our day but don't want to get super duper muddy. We recommend doing this route clockwise so you finish by coming down the hill from the Ashton Court Mansion Car Park rather than starting with it.


  • 1.4 miles
  • More Hills
  • Paved/gravel path
  • Not super muddy but don't wear white shoes (especially in wintery wet weather)

45 Minutes

Just under two miles, this route goes off road. If you start by going up the hill to the carpark and then follow the path to the right you'll be on your way. Heads up though, we recommend a sturdier shoe and it can get muddy when its wet.


  • 2 miles
  • Even more hills.
  • Mostly paved but there are grassy and rocky portions
  • Definitely Muddy - we'd go so far to say a sturdy boot is needed.

1 hour +

For the adventurer with time on their hands - this route takes you through fields and woods and includes some stairs around the north-east curve of the route. You'll definitely need some sturdy shoes and in the winter we'd definitely recommend wellies because patches of this route can get very muddy (but that's why we love it!)


  •  3.5 miles
  • All Terrain including stairs
  • Can get very muddy in the winter - wellies needed!