I Stand - a poem by Donnell Asare

Donnell Asare has written the Poem I Stand and we are honoured to share this with the student community.

Donnell is a spoken word poet from South-East London, he is a 3rd-year law student graduating this year from UWE Bristol. 

Donnell was a member of Bristol Equity committee, UWE's BAME leadership & Talent Programme at UWE Bristol for the last three years, championing race equality and equal opportunities for ethnic minority students.


You can find Donnell on:

Facebook - Donnell Asare

Instagram - @ DonnellAsare

Twitter - AsareDonnell


I STAND by Donnell Asare




This will not stand.

This is not fine.

We will not be silent

The message must be heard but,

we will still choose to be kind.


8 minutes 46 seconds.

This needs education.

This needs reform, justice,

this needs new lessons.


Because people are taught to hate.


But we choose love,

because in my city,

Love Saves The Day.


We are lost for words.

However, our hearts have a lot to say.

I cannot imagine how you feel.

The pain.


But, I can stand with you.

Help you heal from and tackle

these obstacles in your way.


Your pain is our pain.

When you cry we cry.

When you smile we smile.


When injustice is at your feet,

you can count on us to stand up

when you cannot speak.


We will do what is lawful.

Darkness will not overcome the light.

When wrong is done against you,

we will fight for what is right.


We will help educate those who do not understand.

We will defend, protect our fellow man,

against words, weapons and the like,

that target peaceful hands.


When all seems lost,

we will be there to help solutions for the future.

And for and with you,

make good plans.


We promise to be there.

We promise to do all that we can.

We promise that when you stand,

I stand,

We stand.