#IAMBRISTOL Campaign launches across the City of Bristol

President, Zain Choudhry, launches IAMBRISTOL Campaign

President Zain Choudhry launches #IAMBristol CampaignI’m incredibly excited to announce to you the launch of our brand new campaign, #IAMBristol – A City United Against Islamophobia.

Following the attacks on Manchester, London and various locations around Europe, we find ourselves in a position where Islamophobic comments and hate crimes have increased nationally. With a 65% rise in religious hate crimes since 2016 and 135 cases reported in Bristol alone this year (Stand Against Racism and Inequality, 2017*), it has called upon us all as a city - and a beautiful city that it is - to come together, have open dialogue and most importantly unite. It is imperative to know that the vast majority of the almost 1.7 billion Muslims on Earth, and the mere 22,000 here in Bristol (according to the last census in 2011), have got absolutely nothing to do with the vicious attacks that have taken place across Europe, and indeed worldwide. We must remember that the perpetrators represent only themselves.

This campaign intends to raise the issue of Islamophobia within Bristol, and to unite as a city to stand against it. We have joined hands with students from the University of Bristol to further promote and encourage the message of solidarity and unity, making this project the biggest Islamophobia Campaign of its nature in Bristol to date.

This is a fantastic opportunity to debunk these myths, to promote a message of cohesiveness and togetherness, and continue to stand against injustices within our community.

The campaign will see a series of digital and print communications across the City of Bristol, covering public transport, schools, community locations and university campuses, as well as a programme of events to raise awareness and encourage discussion. The campaign will profile the issues that Muslim men and women face in the community, with the events open to members of the public, staff and students.

Do keep an eye out especially for the Islamophobia Conference, which will be the region’s first and biggest conference of its sort. It is due to take place on Saturday 25 November at the ECC at Frenchay and you can book your free tickets on our website.

Posters around the city will provide information for bystanders who witness Islamophobia, advising them how to diffuse the situation without being confrontational. With many people facing this issue in the UK, and women in particular being a target, the campaign aims to raise awareness in the public and create an impact of positive change.

More information on the events and campaign can be found here: thestudentsunion.co.uk/iambristol

* http://www.itv.com/news/westcountry/2017-10-19/dramatic-rise-in-hate-crime-after-terror-attacks-brexit/