Newly elected Presidents for 2022/23

Congratulations to our new student leaders.

The votes are in for your newly elected Presidents team for 2022/23, thank you to everyone who voted in The Leadership Race: 

President = Rania Regaieg


VP Community and Welfare = Rahul Aswani


VP Education = Lily Diyemowei


VP Societies and Communication = Bethel Ekaette


VP Sports and Health = Doha Laftimi

Trans Welfare Officer - Cecil Mckie 



Women's Welfare Officer - Isabel Ryall

Image for Isabel Ryall


Sustainability Officer  - Tobias Robards

Image for Tobias Robards


 International Students' Officer - Sakshi Patel 

Image for Sakshi Patel


LGBT+ Officer - Casey Browne 

Image for Casey BROWNE


Postgraduate Officer - Nahla Zeid