Notice of Referendum

The SU referendum

The Trustee Board at The Students' Union has agreed some changes to The Students' Union Constitution and in order for them to move through to the next stage of the process the changes are to be voted on by students in a cross campus ballot otherwise know as a referendum.

In order for the changes to move forward at least 1000 students must vote in the referendum and at least 2/3 majority of the votes must be in favour (YES) of the changes.


The referendum question is;

Should The SU Constitution update proposal be enacted?

with the possible responses being





The ballot will be open alongside The Leadership Race from Monday 2 March 10:00 until Thursday 5 March 22:00 with the results being announced Friday 6 March from 19:00.

If you would like to findout more about the referendum or the constitution changes please contact or come along to one of our open constitution changes sessions

Open Constitution Changes Sessions

25 Tuesday 15:30 Meeting Room 1, Union 1, The SU, Frenchay Campus.

26 Wednesday 16:00 Meeting Room 1, Union 1, The SU, Frenchay Campus.

27 Thursday 17:00 Meeting Room 1, Union 1, The SU, Frenchay Campus.

If you can't make any of these dates but would like to know more, please contact and we will arrange some time to discuss the changes with you.


Below are links to the documents. The overview document gives some background to what the changes are and why we have done them and then there is an Articles document and two Bye Law documents. All the three change documents have comments as the changes to be made.

Overview document (click here)

Articles with comments (click here)

Bye Laws (except Bye Law 4) with comments (click here)

Bye Law 4 with comments (click here)


If you would like to know more, please contact


For more information visit the referendum section of our website