RSPOnly’s Guide to Supporting Sustainable Palm Oil

Did you know back in 2017 The Students’ Union at UWE made a commitment to stock only RSPO certified palm oil products in their shops? AND in 2018 UWE Bristol wrote the first palm oil policy of any University worldwide? But what exactly is palm oil? And why are we supporting sustainable palm oil?


Palm Oil – What is it?

Palm oil is the highest yielding oilseed crop, producing up to 9x the amount of other vegetable oils. It is found in over 50% of EU supermarket products, including everything from cakes to bread to toothpaste and shampoo! 








What’s the problem?

Sadly, only 19% of all palm oil is currently produced sustainably (RSPO certified), meaning issues like deforestation, biodiversity loss, human rights abuses, and land degradation are commonly associated with its use. However, boycotting palm oil would only displace and intensify the problem!


Supporting RSPO

We’re aiming to increase student demand for sustainable palm oil, as this ensures that primary rainforest is protected, workers get a fair price for their product and biodiversity is improved on plantations (to name but a few cool things!). How are we doing this? We’re working to make it easier for you lovely lot to buy certified products in our shops and bars through better labelling! Stay tuned!


What can YOU do?

  • Look out for the RSPO logo when shopping
  • Sign this petition to see Bristol become a sustainable palm oil city!
  • Check out RSPOnly Facebook page to keep up to date with positive palm oil stories!
  • Download your FREE copy of RSPOnly's Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping Guide for Students HERE, or from September 2020, pick a copy from The Students’ Union Shop!"





Or why not check out our top five places in Bristol that use sustainable palm oil?

  • Catch 22
  • Bristol Zoo Gardens / Wildplace Project
  • We the Curious
  • Pie Minister (we sell these pies!)



SDG 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production ...   Forests, desertification and biodiversity - United Nations ...