Sustainability Skills Survey Results

Earlier this year, we invited all UWE Bristol students to take part in our Sustainability Skills Survey and share their priorities, attitudes and perceptions. An amazing 452 students took the time to complete the survey and we have been digesting your responses, in order to take on-board your suggestions and make a positive change. Here are some of the highlights of how the  UWE Bristol student community feel about sustainability:

  • Considering all factors were equal, 75% would take a £1000 lower salary in a role that contributes to a positive environmental and social change
  • 81% felt that ‘using resources efficiently to limit the impact on the environment and other people’ was an important skill to future employers
  • 75% felt ‘a chance to work in a business/organisation that makes a difference to social and environmental issues’ was an important factor in considering which jobs to applying for.
  • 91% agree that ‘sustainable development is something which all universities should actively incorporate and promote’
  • 80% agree that my students’ union takes action to limit the negative impact it has on the environment and society.

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If you’d like to get involved with sustainability at the Students’ Union please see our Green Team page: