Sustainability in Welcome 2020

The Green Team is a group of students who work together to create change at the university and in the wider community. We’d like to tell you about the sustainability activities we got up to during Welcome 2020! Thank you to all those who have joined us virtually during this time, we’re looking forward to meeting more of you over the year.


Sustainability 101 series

This year, the Green Team is creating a video series called ‘Sustainability 101’. These are short videos about sustainable living. In Welcome we released four of these including; 10 Ways to Live Consciously in Bristol - definitely not one to miss. You can watch these on our YouTube playlist. If you have an idea for a Sustainability 101, you can submit this here.





Chai and Chat

During the second week of Block Zero, we ran a virtual Chai and Chat. At this, a great group of you joined us on Teams to chat all things sustainability! The conversation included everything from good vegan cafes in Bristol, how the zero waste shop on campus works and even debating whether we’d eat insects to be more sustainable!





Creating Change: Climate Action for 2030

Over 100 of you also joined us for Creating Change: Climate Action for 2030. At this, we talked about what a carbon footprint is and most importantly, what you can do to create change and make a positive difference. If you missed the session you can watch a recording here. You can also use this tool to calculate your carbon footprint and then check out our resources section to find out how to take action.


Education for Sustainable Development: Meet-up session

As part of the second week of Block 0, under the theme Community and Change, over 2000 of you got involved in a sustainability themed ‘Meet Up’ session. At this, you could work through practical ways to be more sustainable and find out more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  You can also find out more about what UWE Bristol is doing to include sustainability on your course here.


Virtual Freshers’ Fair

We ran our Virtual Freshers’ Fair on Friday 9 October! Over 400 of you came to visit our Green Team booth and we really enjoyed telling you more about sustainability. We were also joined by the fantastic Natalie Fee, from the Bristol-based organisation City to Sea, for a live Q+A. At this we covered everything from living with less waste and fast fashion to sustainability ‘craftivism’ and how we can make sustainability inclusive. We will be uploading a recording of this to The Students’ Union’s YouTube channel soon, so make sure you’re subscribed!


If you’d like to get involved with the Green Team you can sign-up to our newsletter and follow us on social media. If you have any questions drop us an email on