Team Reps head to the Bath Academic Rep Conference 2018

It was a busy weekend in the world of Representation, as Jack and CJ attended the Bath Academic Rep Conference 2018.

The Representation Team were kindly offered the opportunity to present this year, as they have done in previous years.

Recently, the guys have been conducting many, many training sessions and lecture shout-outs so they chose to speak about different types and methods of engagement, and how people receive information in different ways.

UWE is a diverse community, so they tried to portray this to Bath’s new Student Reps, reiterating that the message will get through, it’s just a case of finding the right way to do it.

From ping-pong balls to lecture surveys, the dynamic duo had it covered.

The session was one of the most popular in terms of take up and in the end, over 30 students left the room full to the brim of knowledge in regards to engagement and university policy.

Until next time, Bath.