The Student Experience Awards 2021 Shortlist!

The Student Experience Awards 2021- Shortlist announced!


The Students’ Union at UWE is pleased to announce the shortlist for the Student Experience Awards 2021. With over 500 nominations, the calibre of the nominations this year was incredibly high. Over a course of a week, the shortlisting committee, comprising of Lead Department Reps from across the faculties, the Representation Team and the Vice President Education, Jane Ojiako, met virtually to consider the nominations and create the shortlist.

This year there are 3 new awards:

Teaching for Equality (Staff)

Contributions to Equality (Student)

The Impact Award

Due to the exceptional circumstances of the last 12 months, this year the impact award was introduced to recognise the student reps and staff who continued to go above and beyond despite the struggled of the pandemic. Therefore, everyone who was nominated for any award in the SEAs has been recognised with the impact award and will be featured in our virtual event and digital magazine later in the year.

It was a tough decision to make and we would like to congratulate everyone who was nominated and shortlisted.


Teaching for Sustainable Development (Staff)

Jaqueline Barker

Peter Bradley

Anil Kashyap

Patrick O’ Flynn


Contributions to Sustainability Award (Student)

Vanique Kruger

Monique Taratula-Lyons

Catarina Vigario Serra Ferreira Costa

U.WE.CAN (Architecture Students Climate Action) Led by Nicola Mead


Teaching for Equality Award (Staff)

Fabia Jeddere-Fisher

Vlasios Sarantinos

Rachel Williams


Contributions to Equality Award (Student)

Sarah Brent

Tiffany Chikwanah

Angharad Davies

Speak Up Society




Support Staff Award

Oliver Davey

Rhiannon Davies

Chris Newton

Mandy Reed


The Academic Personal Tutor Award

Laura Castles

Emma Gaskin

Paul Lintott

Rob Williams


The Outstanding Teaching Award (ACE)

Harriet Castor-Jeffery

Timothy Gibson

Will Grant

Karan Vickers-Hulse


The Outstanding Teaching Award (FBL)

Kyle Geraghty

Ian Janes

Selen Kars

Neil Sutherland


The Outstanding Teaching Award (FET)

Aida Abzhaparova

Ian Barton

Aruna Palipana

Jonathan White


The Outstanding Teaching Award (HAS)

Caroline King

Paul Lintott

Robyn Osbourne

Amber Phillips


The Outstanding Student Rep Award (ACE)

Jasmine Brain

Melody Cummings

Elisa Neath

Chloe Smith


The Outstanding Student Rep Award (FBL)

William Allwright

Luke Gazzard

Sophia James

Danielle Newton


The Outstanding Student Rep Award (FET)

Ella Gregson

Pranjal Gupta

Maisie Palmer

Thomas Rees


The Outstanding Student Rep Award (HAS)

Olly Jennings

Chloe Mortimer-Stokes

Oluwadamilola Okeyoyin

Erin Oelmann


The Teamwork Award

UWE Living Well Team:

Marie Pring, Liz Jenkinson, Kat Branch, Nicola Holt, Nia Crouch, Clare Allen, Elijah Kellman, Erika Bohling, Logan Jory, Marcus Delpeche, Laura Wilson, Luke Howell and all students on the Living Well programme.


FET International Students Workbook Team:

Aida Abzhaparova, Daphning Pierre, Miriam Ricci, Hooman Foroughmand Araabi, Christiana Makariou, Nadia Algosaibi and Nkopuyo Sunday


EDM Student Experience:

Rachel Szadziewska and Abbie Learoyd-Smith 


Student Reps & Staff on the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship

Academic Team: Dr Anne Eason, Dr Georgie Benford, Jason Snelling, Tracey Payne, Matt Gaunt, Dr Michael Harris, Dr Rob Starr, Dr Jack Greig-Midlane, Kim Duffy, Duncan Hathaway, Dave Catt, Mike Griffiths, Andy Mott, Aksar Bashir, Ian Grant, Fiona Johnston, Christian Butler, Mike Coliandris, Hannah Ewers, Tania Hammond, Paul Williamson, Dr Mehzeb Chowdhury, Rob Higgs, Peter Wakely, Steve Cullen, Ian Poots, James Barnett, Eve Middleton, Veronika Clegg, Emma Sanchez, Morag Burrell, David Senart Jr

Student Reps: Delen Cross, Kavin Webb, Megan Plumley, Charles Lakin, Charlie Sparks, Eloise Harcombe, Keith Gilmore, Daniel Cooke, Nicola Mewes, Jamie Clutson.



The Students’ Union Award for Partnership

Decolonising the Curriculum Library Team

Student Partnership Project: Mental Health Inequalities

Student Partnership Project: Assessment and Feedback

Student Partnership Project: Academic Learning Communities

The Student Voice and Academic Policy Team (Student and Academic Services) 



The Leadership Award

Alice Farmer

Vanique Kruger

Abbie Learoyd-Smith

Monique Taratula-Lyons


The Vice-Chancellors Award for Representation

Adedokun Adeyemi

Jamie Hulley-Mills

Vanique Kruger

Anna Mulvihill