The Student Experience Awards 2022 Shortlist!

The Students' Union at UWE are pleased to announce the 2022 Student Experience Awards shortlist!

The Students’ Union at UWE is pleased to announce the shortlist for The Student Experience Awards 2022, we had over 450 nominations from across all the faculties.

This year the nominations showed the clear passion for improving the student experience from staff and student alike and they were a pleasure to read.

Last week the shortlisting committee, comprising of Lead Department Reps from across the faculties, the Representation Team and the Vice President Education- Oluwadamilola Racheal Okeyoyin, met at a secret location within the university to consider the nominations and create the shortlist.

The committee marked their papers with their top nominees and awarded them a score, these scores were totalled across the committee, with the top 4 nominees being shortlisted.

We’d like to offer our warmest congratulations to all of our nominees this year as hearing all the fantastic things that you have achieved, the adversities that have been overcome and the passion that was demonstrated over the last couple of years were truly inspiring.


Teaching for Sustainable Development (Staff)

Dr Georgina Gough

Vlasios Sarantinos

Fabia Jeddere-Fisher


Contributions to Sustainability Award (Student)

Tobias Robards

Callum Jones

Beth Leonard


Support Staff Award

Aruna Palipana

Jane Daveridge

Antony Hill

Hamidreza Nemati


The Academic Personal Tutor Award

Caroline King

Emma Gaskin

Nevil Quinn

Kieran Brannigan


The Outstanding Teaching Award (ACE)

Sam Wagstaff

Caroline Hadley

Amak Mahmoodian


The Outstanding Teaching Award (FBL)

Neil Sutherland

Mizan Rehman

Ian Janes

Mary Young


The Outstanding Teaching Award (FET)

Chris Parker

Chris Spencer

Stefan Guiton

Iain Barton


The Outstanding Teaching Award (HAS)

Caroline King

Jonathon Hull

Emma Douglass

David Williams


The Outstanding Student Rep Award (ACE)

Eleanor Grandchamp

Rebecca Porter

Sophie Hobbs

Sam Bryant


The Outstanding Student Rep Award (FBL)

Chloe Olivia Smith

Hannah Carr

Malin Perera

Joe Crispin


The Outstanding Student Rep Award (FET)

Adam Green

Cameron James Ramsay

Maream Merza

Elizabeth Smith


The Outstanding Student Rep Award (HAS)

Caitlyn Targett

Abigail Smith

Joanna Butler

Steele Quinnell


The Impact Award

Caroline King

Paul Cunningham

Kyle Geraghty 

Sam Wagstaff 


The Teamwork Award

UWE Living Well Team:

Marie Pring, Clare Allen, Clare Middleton, Georgia Mouhlen, Amas Putri, Harriet Greenham, Anneliese Paul, Rachel Davis, Nia Crouch, Kat Branch, Holly Symons, Will Rollason, Matt Carr & The Living Well students

Geography and Environment Society Committee

Lucy Rees and Aakarshi Negi

Ryan Smith, Emily Hill and Maja Karlsson


The Students’ Union Award for Partnership

Jackie Rogers

Patrick O'Flynn

Krishan Ranjan

Richard Brailsford


The Leadership Award

Thomas Wild

Danielle Newton

James Harvey

Erin Hilsdon


The Vice-Chancellors Award for Representation

Hannah Carr

Callum Jones

Thomas Wild

Malin Perera