UWE Bristol Food Fest


To celebrate the diverse UWE Bristol student and staff community, The Students’ Union organised a Food Fair on Tuesday 3 December 2019 in partnership with Bristol Eats (BEATS) and UWE Catering service.

After planning with BEATS I’m happy to say the Food Fest was a success, with over 800 sales made to students and staff. Some of the most common feedback received was “how often would this be?” and “can we have this weekly / regularly?” Interestingly, one observation made was that the food options with the most sales were cuisines that are currently underrepresented on campus.

A major reason for organising the UWE Bristol Food Fest was to launch a survey, which collects data on what diverse food options students and staff would like made available across campus. The results of this survey would then be presented to UWE Catering to take action on providing more diverse food options in Onezone and other outlets to help meet the demand.

The Students’ Union has taken a proactive decision to launch a Thursday meal deal special. This offer would be a cheaper lunch meal deal option and a dinner offer of a meal from different world cuisine, which would change on a weekly basis.

We are still actively pushing to increase diversity in the food options across campuses and we need your help. Please complete our survey and let your voice be heard! The survey is open to both staff and students, complete the survey here.