UWE Conquers Kilimanjaro 2017

Mount Kilimanjaro. The tallest mountain in Africa. Considering I get out of breath climbing a flight of stairs… seems a bit ambitious for me.

Last year, Childreach International came to the University to talk to our students about fundraising and the amazing opportunities it offers, one being the option to climb Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. As an individual who loves travelling and exploring new places, this sounded perfect for me. I get to fundraise for a local Childreach Tanzania project, meet new people and do something I’ve never done before! All I have to do is raise £2,285. 

Originally, I scoffed at that total. That’s easy isn’t it? (Spoiler alert… It’s not.) Alongside other priorities, finding the time to fundraise is incredibly difficult… As team leader, I need to liaise with the team, buy all of my equipment and still find the time to train. The information pack recommends that you start resistance training in order to get your muscles used to the ache of carrying 5-10kgs a day. Prior to this, I never had to train for anything, so I have started to put myself through my physical paces to ensure that I am fully equipped for the journey, beginning on 16th August 2017. 

To prepare the team will be doing loads of fab fundraising activities around all of our UWE campuses. We will be giving out Krispy Kremes, selling glowsticks and glitter at the Lock In, hosting a charity netball tournament as well as participating in Jailbreak. If you see any of the team about, please help us and donate whatever you can, it would be massively appreciated!

You can donate online on my Fundraising Page