VP Socs and Comms ensures a better future for UWE Societies with multi-year memberships

VP Societies and Communication, Freddie Gough

Your VP Societies and Communication, Freddie Gough, is pleased to announce that UWE societies will now be able to offer 2 or 3 year memberships, as well as their current 1 year offering. 

Freddie made this part of his manifesto when standing in the Leadership Race for his VP position earlier this year, stating: 

"Having been on the committee of several societies during my time at UWE, including Debating, Linguistics and Student Media, I am well aware of what is needed from The Students’ Union to secure a better future for all societies [...] Societies are in a much better position to plan ahead when they have consistency in their numbers and funding. As such, I will push for 2 and 3 year society memberships to be made available."

Having completed this before the 2018/19 term has even begun, Freddie has given societies a much better chance to plan ahead for their future, offering greater variety and felxibility, and to provide better values for their members, with students' now able to save money on transaction and membership fees. 

You will be able to purchase the new multi-year memberships online, in the same wasy as the current 1 year memberships, via The Students' Union website.

For more information

If you are interested in offering multi-year memberships for your society, please email me at: vpsocsandcomms@uwe.ac.uk with the name of your society and what you want to charge for each membership deal.