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Varsity Series continues with Friday Night Lights and Netball coming up
Varsity Series 2017-18

This year’s Varsity Series is set to look slightly different to last year.

Water Polo - This Girl Can
Water Polo- This Girl Can

I enjoy it because it is a competitive and fun game with an amazing bunch o

Climbing - This Girl Can
Climbing - This Girl Can

I enjoy climbing because it's a very social sport, where people of differen

Kickboxing and Muay Tai - This Girl Can
Kickboxing and Muay Thai - This Girl Can

I started out of curiosity; I wanted to try something new, and I’ve always

Motorsports - This Girl Can

When I heard about the motorsport club at UWE, I knew I had to join.

Want to hold your own Varsity event? Apply now!
Varsity Series 2017-18

This year, Varsity are giving you the chance to apply for your own event du


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                Erin Mills                           SHamil mohamed ali                                Colin Stevens                                Amie egan 

      Vp Sports and Health           Sports and health officer            CluB Development Manager           club coordinator