5 reasons why you should buy a Freshers' wristband

Fresher’s week is so nearly upon us, we can smell the energy drink and leftover pizza in the air already. Some of you will already be kitted out with your tickets and wristbands ready for a week of late night SU shenanigans, but for those of you who aren’t, here are a few reasons why you should grab yourself a wristband before the fun really kicks off.

1. It takes the fuss away from getting (and trying to remember to bring) tickets

Trust us, it’s a painful feeling getting ready and freshened up (pardon the pun), enduring 6 rounds of ring of fire when all you have in is tequila, and getting to the venue, only to realise you left your ticket at home. With a wristband, you’ll have your ticket on you at all times.

2. You’ll get into events a lot quicker

So, what happens when you DO remember your ticket and get to the club? Well… you’ll probably face a pretty hefty line of your fellow freshers waiting to get in. With a wristband, however, you’ll get queue jump to every event your wristband gets you entry into. That means no waiting around in the cold, you can grab your drinks from the bar before it gets rammed with people, and not having to dig around your pockets for your wallet or ticket to get in.

3. It’s essentially your all access pass to one of the best weeks of your life

Use this week wisely. Use it to jump into uni life. Use it to get settled. Use it to have fun before your course properly starts. At The Students’ Union, we always have our students at heart… It’s in the name, and we want to give you the best experience we can!

4. You can choose between the gold and silver wristbands to suit you

Each wristband will grant you different levels of access to our freshers' events. Gold will get you into all of our official fresher’s week night-time events, and will give you queue jump on top of that. Silver will get you into all our MAIN events, including Hallswars, Ministry of Sound, Ramshackle Laser Rave, Closing Party (arguably the pinnacle of your week), and more!

5. It’s a little memento of your very first fresher’s week

Aw, isn’t that nice. You can put it next to your Reading and Leeds fest band on your notice board!


Too find out more about our wristbands, visit http://welcome.thestudentsunion.co.uk/wristbands, or visit our ticket shop in The Students’ Union Bar on Frenchay campus, open Monday to Friday between 12pm and 4pm until Friday 21 September.