A guide to Bristolian slang

Bristol is famous for many things - the food, music, architecture, and its unique slang. If you’re new to Bristol, you may find yourself hearing phrases that you have never heard before and wondering what on earth they mean.

We’ve created our guide to Bristolian slang, to help you get used to the local lingo. You’ll be having a gert lush time in Brizzle before you know it and using this selection of mint new phrases to impress the locals.


Brizzle, Briz, Briz Vegas, there are a whole host of ways that people refer to Bristol and we’re sure it won’t be long until you hear the word Brizzle.

Gert lush

Meaning rather nice, gert lush will be part of your vocabulary in no time.

Alright me luvver

Another way of saying how are you, we think this is a great way of greeting people.


A type of cider from the south west, you’ll find Scrumpy in pretty much any pub in Bristol.


Bedminster for short.

Cheers drive

This is a way that Bristolians thank bus drivers. We’ve also heard a rumour that if you don’t do it, it’s bad luck!

Where’s it to

This is a way of asking where is that.


A term of endearment, you can shorten it even further to babs.

Jason Donervan

A landmark of Bristol, the infamous kebab van is located on the Clifton Triangle and is open for all your post night out snack needs. We are sorry to tell you that the van, unfortunately, isn’t run by the 80’s Australian legend himself.


Short for Cribbs Causeway, this truly is the place of shopping dreams. With buses frequently going there, you’ll be hitting Cribbs before you know it.


A way of saying that’s really good. If you’re from the north you’ve probably used this term many times before.

The Triangle

You’ll probably hear this a lot and wonder where this triangle is. The Triangle refers to the Clifton Triangle and is an area full of bars, shops and clubs. We have no doubt that you will be acquainted with The Triangle in no time.

Ark at ee

This is a sarcastic term and is usually used if someone is being a bit flash. Oh check you out = Oh ark at ee.


This is another way of referring to a Bristol Rovers football fan as the team used to play next door to a gas works in Bristol.