Late Night Do It Right

Sian Hampson, VP Community and Welfare

During Freshers’ there is a whole mix of events from day time socials, to late nights.

Here at The Students’ Union, we want you to have great and safe nights out. We’ve done research into what UWE Bristol Students think makes a great night out as part of the NUS Alcohol Impact Survey.

The Late Night Do It Right Team have put together some advice so that your nights are memorable for the right reasons:

1. Eating isn’t cheating

90% of UWE students eat before they go out. Food affects the way your body processes alcohol, not only does eating make it easier to self-regulate, but it also lessens the hangover.

2. Drink plenty of water.

Keeping topped up with water negates alcohol’s dehydrating effects. Chocolate Milk is best for a hangover.

3. It’s not a race, try to pace.

82% of UWE students said that drinking too quickly can cut short a great night out. Drinking slower help you to know your limits.

4.You don’t have to drink to have a good time.

76% of UWE Bristol Students agree, and you can have fun at all of our events without alcohol

5. Make sure you have what you need

Check your phone is charged, that you have enough money to get home, don’t forget your keys.

6. Stick with your friends

Don’t leave them behind – not to mention, if you’re getting a taxi it will be cheaper.

7. Zero-Tolerance

All of The Students’ Union venues have a zero-tolerance policy of all forms of harassment, if you experience this of any kind, just report it to Security.

8. Take a break

Show us your nights in with the hastag #UWESaysRelax

The team will be out and about at some of the events, we’ll be giving out toast, chocolate milkshakes, water, lollipops, condoms, taxi information and we can charge your phone. Come over and say hi!

We’ll see you at the following events:

  • Welcome Party – Glenside & Frenchay
  • Pyjama Pub Crawl – Bunker
  • Big Freshers Giveaway – Pryzm
  • Closing Festival