Our tips for becoming a pro in the kitchen

As well as exploring a new city, starting university is a chance to improve your cooking skills and become a cooking pro. Check out some of our top tips to help you get to know your way around the kitchen.

Ease yourself in

Cooking is all about practising and perfecting the basics, don’t try and do too much too soon! Roast dinner for your whole flat? Maybe a bit too ambitious. A pesto pasta? A much better way to start your cooking journey.

Learn the basics

From chopping an onion, to cooking an egg, once you’ve nailed the basics, you’ll be well on the way to cooking a whole host of new recipes.

Be prepared

If you’re about to start cooking, make sure that you’ve got all of the required ingredients and utensils. You don’t want to be looking for the colander while you’ve got multiple pots on the go.

Invest in a cookbook

With a cookbook for pretty much any budget, dietary requirement and cuisine, the hardest decision you’ll have is choosing which one to buy!

Herbs are your best friend

Although jars of pre-made sauces may seem appealing, if you’ve got a good selection of herbs, you’ll be able to make your own tasty sauces. Not only is this a healthier way of cooking, but once you’ve built up your supply of herbs, it could also save you money.

Make food in bulk

Making food in bulk will save you time, money and is a great way to use up ingredients before they go off.

Be patient

We’ve all been there, you’re hungry, everything is taking longer than you thought it would and you just want to eat. Patience is key in the kitchen, stick to recipe timings and try not to rush, it will be worth the wait.

Don’t give up!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your cooking journey. Cooking is a lot of trial and error, if you make something that doesn’t go to plan don’t give up, learn from your mistakes and smash it next time.