10 Reasons to Stand as a Department Rep

Stand as a department rep at UWE

1. You get to be the voice of your Department

Representing a large proportion of students is a great experience and your BNOC status will grow.

2. You'll be a part of making positive changes?

Department Reps will be making changes that will impact a whole department, benefitting a lot of students!

3. You'll get to attend some important meetings

Department Reps sit on the Department Committee - you'll be the voice between students and Department management.

4. You'll be eligible to stand for some even more important meetings

As a Department Rep, you can stand to sit on the Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee and Academic Board - some of the most important decision making meetings at UWE!

5. You will gain valuable skills and experience

From public speaking, to gathering feedback effectively - there will be a lot you will learn.

6. It'll enhance your CV and employers will love it

You'll stand out from the crowd with the experience and skills you've gained.

7. It'll go on your HEAR and count towards your Bristol Futures Award

You'll get recognition on your Higher Education Achievement Record, and it counts towards your Bristol Futures Award.

8. You'll get to meet new people

There's two other Department Reps, a Lead Department Rep, numerous Student Reps, and University staff - a lot of chance for networking.

9. You can come to The Student Experience Awards

One of the highlights of the year - a fancy evening with a three course meal, entertainment and celebrations!

10. Why not?

Just put yourself out there and stand for election!