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Extra Information: On campus (Frenchay in my experience), it is pretty common that electricity plugs in classrooms and study areas are not functioning, which is greatly affecting the functionality of the facilities and student satisfaction (e.g. not able to charge the laptop, therefore not able to fully participate in the class).


The idea is to implement a section in the Uwe Bristol app, that would be a guide on how to fix non-working electricity plugs in the classroom / other facilities (e.g. to check the source plug, if it's turned on etc - could be also in form of postern in the classrooms and study areas), and an option to report a specific building, room or even the affected area (text field description), where these guidelines would not help.


This way the maintenance of the facilities would be more efficient since the university staff would have more specific information about the areas needing attention, a higher level of facilities usability and could improve student satisfaction by engaging them in the solution process.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 27 April 2023 and closes for voting on 25 May 2023.


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