36 hours, no money… five reasons why YOU should take on Jailbreak

Picture this: time’s ticking against you, you find yourself at Bristol airport with no money and you’re having to sweet talk an airline into letting you on the first plane out of the UK. No, it isn’t a strangely exhilarating dream, it’s Jailbreak. A real event hosted by us from 22-23 February, and YOU can sign-up to get as far away from UWE Bristol as you can in just 36 hours, a while raising money for an incredible charity in the process. Here’s why you should join us:


It's a jaw-dropping opportunity

Our Jailbreakers in the past have gone on to arrive in some pretty exotic places. They’ve been featured in national papers, had shout-outs on their plane journeys to help them fundraise and have come back with many a fun story to tell.


It’s a chance to have mini city break

Fancy a trip to Amsterdam? Ever wanted to end up in somewhere not on your usual all-inclusive package trip, like Qatar? Ever wondered how far around the world you could make it in just 36 hours? Taking part in Jailbreak is the trip away you didn’t realise you’d be offered; a chance to challenge yourself to become immersed in new cultures and new experiences in a whirlwind exploration.


You’ll be raising vital funds for The Christina Noble Foundation

The Christina Noble Foundation gives children back their childhood. Since arriving in Vietnam in 1989 and Mongolia in 1997, Christina Noble and her foundation have established over 160 projects providing education, healthcare and community development humanitarian services to children, their families and rural communities. So far, the project has impacted the lives of over one million children and adults.


It ticks off so many bucket list moments

So many of us want to give back and do something good for a charity close to our heart. So many of us love the idea of travelling and experiencing other cultures. So many of us want to learn more about who we truly are. Jailbreak is that bucket list moment you didn’t even realise you had because it encompasses so many of our would-love-to-do’s. You won’t get a chance like this again.


You can make the memories of a lifetime with your best pals

We recommend teams of two-three people – which means you can experience the fun and thrill of taking part in Jailbreak with your friends! Hitchhiking the globe with zero money to your name can only result in a vast array of good stories to reminisce on in years to come.


Sign up to take part in Jailbreak – you only have until Wednesday 12 February.