Bristol4Grenfell March - Wednesday 14 March

On Wednesday 14 March, Bristol4Grenfell have organised a march, supported by the Justice for Grenfell Campaign and Bristol People’s Assembly, in solidarity with the residents of London’s Grenfell Estate. Their fight for justice is still ongoing, more than eight months after the devastating fire that killed 71 people. The Students’ Union Executive have voted in favour to endorse and support this march.

Since the tragedy that took place on Wednesday 14 June 2017, the community of Grenfell have come together to hold monthly marches by the Kensington site to demand fair treatment from the council. The council’s action has been considered nothing more than inadequate, as hundreds of survivors have been stranded in temporary accommodation, after many promises to be fast-tracked into new homes. 

Notably, broadcaster Jon Snow has spoken out at how the media have been “too far removed” from the lives of those at Grenfell Tower. He has revealed how he and Bill Gates have awarded a prize to one of the victims, Firdaws Kedir. He revealed that he had met Firdaws and described her as a “remarkably poised hijab-wearing girl” who “used language beautifully”

A tower full of talent 

Firdaws had been described as the most intelligent, wise, eloquent girl. I was fortunate enough to witness that first hand and since then I often think what might she have become?”

“And not least the wonderful and talented Khadija Saye, who died with her mother on the verge of a major breakthrough as an artist.”

Those who resided at Grenfell have always been disregarded and labelled as ‘immigrants’, ‘scroungers’ and ‘illegals’ and this is still the case. The Council are treating these victims as second class citizens and have not taken action. It’s time this changed.

Wednesday 14 February marked the first Grenfell solidarity outside of London – Manchester marched in tandem. With this March walk, Bristol will be adding its voice to the chorus of solidarity. 

“People have no trust in Kensington Borough Council. The police recovery teams are still working next to my flat and the council still hasn’t shown evidence that the building is fire-safe, eight months on”. He continues, “This safety issue is bigger than Grenfell though. This is a national issue – there are blocks across the country still with unsafe cladding and where it has been removed residents are freezing. The protection for tenants in this country is appalling and no matter which party is in government, little seems to change. Safety should not be considered as an undue burden. How dare they?” - Grenfell Survivor, Joe Delaney