END Sars: What you can do to support

This week you may have seen in the news the protests that are taking place in Nigeria, which are calling to End Sars. This article will provide you with information on the ways that you can help support.


Petitions you can sign


Hashtags you can use

  • #EndSARS
  • #EndSWAT
  • #EndpolicebrutalityinNigeria
  • #SARSmustgo
  • #SARSmustend

You may find some distressing content when using social media. Please be careful when using these hashtags.


Ways you can donate

All donations made directly to Nigeria is made through Feminist Coalition as they are transparent with how the money donated is being spent.

They give daily updates on their website on expenditure. Donations are only being made through Bitcoin now as the Nigerian Government are trying to disrupt their activities. Visit their website here.


Bristol protests

There is a march on Saturday 24 October between 14:00-18:00. This is starting in Castle Park and finishing in College Green. If you attend the protests, please make sure that you are protesting safely.












Keep educating yourself

Africa is made up of 54 countries and is the world’s second-largest and second most-populous continent. It is important to educate ourselves on the social and political challenges faced in Africa and throughout the globe.

Amnesty International is a good resource to learn more about humanitarian issues. Click here to learn more.  

Look after yourself

We know this may be an emotional time for you. If you are finding the images and videos from the protests distressing, please be careful when using social media and remember it is okay to take a break. Please also be mindful when sharing content and make sure that you sharing content from sources that you trust.

If you need any support during this period, please do not hesitate to contact our Advice Centre or the please familiarise yourself with UWE’s Wellbeing services.

Nilaari is also a great local service, which offers culturally appropriate and responsive support to BAME students.