End Sars - A Statement from your Presidents Team.

This week you may have seen in the news the protests that are taking place in Nigeria, which are calling to End Sars.

We understand that throughout the world there are nations facing struggles and hardship, but today we feel it is important to share information and raise awareness of this situation.

The Students’ Union at UWE stands in solidarity with our Nigerian students and citizens of the country, who have been protesting against police brutality under the #EndSARS movement. For two weeks, millions of brave Nigerian youths have taken to the streets to raise their voices against the killings of innocent citizens by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). SARS is a unit that was set up in 1992 under the Nigerian Police Force.

This unit has been disbanded by the Government verbally on many different occasions, however the unit is still in operation and is oppressing the citizens they should be protecting. Many have been killed, injured, extorted, raped, abused and even become disabled due to the unjust actions of the SARS team. We condemn the actions of the SARS unit and support the call for an ‘End to SARS’, and most importantly Police Brutality.

The 20 October 2020 was a particularly dark and emotionally racking day for the nation. We saw the Nigerian Government use the military to open fire on a peaceful protest and massacre protesters at Lekki Toll gate in Lagos State – people were fired at by the Nigerian army leaving many killed and some terribly injured. A few hours before the massacre, street lights were turned off and CCTV cameras at the location were uninstalled. Reports have shown this attack spreading to other states in Nigeria. We condemn this act and share our sincerest condolences with all of the families and friends who are mourning.

No one should leave their home with the fear of being harassed, tortured, extorted or killed. Nigerians have been protesting to seek change and their fundamental human right to LIVE, yet more lives are being taken unjustly. There is nothing that justifies this inhumane act by the Nigerian Government and we hope justice prevails and that there will be an end to police brutality.

If you would like to donate and read more about the End SARS and Police Brutality movement, please check www.feministcoalition2020.com or their social media pages (feminist_co on Twitter and feminist.co on Instagram).

In the midst of this tragedy, please get in touch with your family, find a friend to speak to and also seek wellbeing support if you need to. All the various options of wellbeing support can be found on the UWE Bristol app. Nilaari agency is usually recommended to students of BAME background. 

If you would like to know what you can do to support, please click here and have a look at our resources.