How to have the best night out without leaving your flat

2020 has shown us that nights in are often better than nights out. And with your new bunch of flatmates, it’s opened up so much more possibility for your evenings. Staying in is the new going out, and here are ten ways you can ensure your nights in leave you with a whole bunch of awesome memories - instead of FOMO.

Learn what a mixologist is - and then be one for the evening 

A mixologist is a very clever person that’s great a making cocktails and mocktails. Have a fancy drinks-making session as a flat – it’ll be much cheaper than attempting to go out for cocktails in Bristol city centre, and there’s no taxi ride home, either. You can just crawl to bed, instead.

Get DJ-ing 

If one of your flatmates has a DJ turntable set, incredible. If they don’t, no worries. You can just take it in turns with Spotify and a speaker. Keep the night going with some classic noughties’ hits, indie favourites and, obviously, a small helping of drum and bass.

Play your cards right 

Card games are the pre-night-out go-to. They’re fun, they get everyone involved, and they usually have to be cut short so you can make it to the club. However, now you don’t have to stop: you can just keep playing as long as you fancy.

Have a dinner party

Having a flat meal night is the perfect way to feel like you’re going out, but with the comfort of staying in. Cook up a storm with some of your favourite recipes, and indulge in good food and good company.

Play beer pong

A student classic, this can be done even when there’s no club to go to. Perfect for team-building, because this is a tense one, beer pong cements friendships.

Have a fancy dress night 

Usually reserved for Halloween or sports night, who actually says you need an excuse for fancy dress? We certainly don’t, that’s for sure. Pick your theme, let everyone get creative and then have a night out inside your very own flat.

Have a film night 

Some popcorn is all it takes - but you can always make it boozy if you want to - a themed movie night is a perfect way to spice up life inside your flat. Binge a few movies as the night goes on, and before you know it, it’s 2am and you’re on your third bag of popcorn. Standard.

Learn a TikTok dance 

Or seven. TikTok has spoken to generations, and in 2020 has taken on new resonance. Have we had a successful day if we haven’t scrolled through 250,000 TikTok dance videos and attempted to try out at least one of them? This can keep you occupied for hours. Trust us.

Have an indoor picnic 

Make like you’re kids again and bring in all your duvets, all the fairy lights, all the cushions and all the pillows and create an indoor picnic. Get the drinks flowing and the food topped up, and you’ll be glad you never left the house.

Play some cringe-fuelled party games 

Pin the tail on the donkey. Twister. Monopoly. All the games we claim to hate, but that we secretly really love. If you’ve got an itinerary of games, you’ll never get bored – and that’s a flat night in done right.

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