Launch of BME Student Network at The Students' Union

Today, I am pleased and excited to announce the creation of a brand new platform at The Students’ Union; the BME Student Network.

This new network aims to bring together those individuals who self-define as BME (Black & Minority Ethnic) to enhance the representation and needs of BME students at UWE Bristol.

This is an exciting new project aiming to stabilise engagement between BME students and The Students’ Union, giving BME students a strong platform to express their views and opinions whilst also promoting cohesion and unity.

This network will be led by the elected BME Officer, and will compromise of various coordinator roles including: Campaigns, Events, Media, Academic Education, and more.

You will have a fantastic opportunity to get involved with grand-scale projects and campaigns such as: Black History Month/Global Majority Campaign, I Am Bristol – A City United Against Islamophobia, Prevent – Students not Suspects and ‘Why is my Curriculum White?’.

There are in six roles that make up the Committee Team, these include:

  1. Campaigns Coordinator
  2. Events Coordinator
  3. Social Media Coordinator
  4. Academic Education Coordinator
  5. Societies Coordinator
  6. General Secretary

The rise of BME student engagement is evidenced by the fact that almost half of the candidates who ran in the recent Leadership Race elections at The Students’ Union identified as BME. This is a truly remarkable time to further the experiences of BME Students.

I would like to also thank Caine, our outgoing BME Officer, for all the work and passion he has put into bettering the lives of BME students at UWE. His achievements have not gone unnoticed and we will ensure his values and principles are embedded into the ethos of the Network.


If you are passionate, creative and think you would be a good fit for the network, find out more here.

All roles will be up for standing in the October 2018 By-elections.