New Year’s in Bristol: Alternative ways you can create the party of the decade

New Year’s Eve is one of the year’s most anticipated nights; not complete without a fireworks display, a countdown and all the sequins. Bristol’s pulling out the stops this year when it comes to glitzy events, with the turn of the decade seeing Gatsby-ified ‘Roaring 20’s’ parties at the likes of Weston-super-Mare’s Grand Pier, to a ‘party-like-it’s-1999’ nostalgia-fuelled celebration at the Bristol Harbour Hotel.

Whilst these sell-out events are to be guaranteed unforgettable, they’ll also guarantee an unforgettable dent in your bank account. So, therefore, we present to you five alternative options for you to celebrate 2020 with the party of the decade, right here in Bristol:


Host a Great Gatsby party with your pals

Pull out that suit you got for Auntie Pam’s wedding back in 2015, and dust off the old sequin dress you promised you’d re-wear more times than once, and throw a Great Gatsby, roaring ‘20’s party yourself! All that’s needed are your best mates, the Gatsby soundtrack courtesy of Spotify, and some drinks and nibbles. Beats a hole in your bank account and a packed venue you’ll lose everyone in.


Visit Clifton Suspension Bridge as the clock strikes midnight

Make like Cinderella and scurry up to the bridge before midnight, and you’ll probably get to witness a fireworks display of your own for absolute nada pennies. Watch the city light up as homes and venues celebrate the New Year.


Join in on our NYE Movie Night at Frenchay

Come along to The Students’ Union, Frenchay Campus, for a movie night to see in the New Year. Hugely underrated and the dark horse of New Year’s celebrations, a movie night can be the perfect way to chill with your nearest and dearest and avoid the drunken crowds in town. You can even pause the film and sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ in peace when midnight hits. 


Volunteer and make someone else’s evening

It doesn’t cost a penny and you can start 2020 knowing you’ve tried your best to make someone’s day. So if you want to remember your New Year’s for the decade and beyond, seriously consider volunteering. You can even head to VolunteerMatch, a website which handpicks the best charity or cause for you to support. A small gesture to enter the New Year right.


Host a 2020 Games Night

Now this one also requires little to no spending on your part. Dig out your best board game selection, get friends to bring along theirs, and spend your evening challenging each other to become ‘Board Game Champion’. And that’s the kind of title that sticks for a decade.

Make sure you keep up to date with our festive events on campus over the winter break – and look set for next term by checking what’s upcoming at The Students’ Union at UWE here.