Positive news stories to smile about right now

Out of every challenging time comes a bunch of lovely stories of communities coming together, pets doing hilarious things, stories of recovery and more. The country is coming out in strong, positive community spirit mode and there have been some beautiful stories of support and true human spirit arising. Whilst they may have got lost in your news feeds, we’ve scouted a few out for you.

Here are some positive news stories to put a smile on your face: 

Bristol-based hospitality businesses club together for the local community 

Popular food app, Wriggle, has announced an initiative to help support independent businesses in Bristol and across the country. Indie Kitty is an initiative which means people are able to buy vouchers for restaurants across Bristol and beyond that will be redeemable once the outbreak has quietened and people can freely head to restaurants again.

This means businesses are getting important cash flow now, and people have something to look forward to once this is over. Other independent, Bristol-based food outlets are working together on implementing a home delivery service, so people can get access to delicious food and businesses can keep surviving.

Communities rally together to support the vulnerable 

This BBC article puts a smile on even the grumpiest of faces. Incredible acts of kindness are being carried out by members of the community, and people are rallying together to support the most vulnerable people.

Big brands offer freebies 

Pret are offering free hot drinks and 50% off everything for our incredible NHS workers and McDonalds are giving them free drinks. The National Trust, with its grand open spaces and historic buildings, are waiving car parking fees, meaning you can save money and get outside at a safe distance from others for something to do.

Penguins in Chicago Aquarium left to roam free and literally melt everyone's hearts 

This article is the perfect thing to read if you’re feeling at all down in the dumps. Seeing as this aquarium in Chicago is shut for visitors, staff have let its penguins out for a free roam around! The little adorable animals are having the time of their life.

Three grandmothers self-isolate together 

Doreen, Carol and Dotty (or the dream team for short) have come up with a plan to live together during this time. The ladies are all in their 70s and have known each other for over 40 years. Now more than ever, friendship and checking in on our loved ones is key - so take a leaf out of the dream team’s book and get in touch with your pals!

A 103-year-old grandmother from China is the oldest person to make a full recovery from Covid-19 

The oldest person to make a full recovery from Coronavirus is aged 103! The grandmother was being treated for six days in hospital, before getting the all-clear. Now, that is incredible!

Every day, there are many steps forward. Let’s keep doing all we can to tackle this, together – and remember, for every negative story you read in the media, there are positive ones being unreported, too.

If you’re struggling during this challenging period, please reach out. You can contact our Advice Centre by email (advice@uwe.ac.uk) or by telephone, and UWE Bristol has a range of support on offer for students. And for updated medical guidance, please reference the NHS and Public Health England.