Vietnamese Society's Tet Show

Group photo at the Tet Show

Last week the Vietnamese Society invited us to the Tet Show where they celebrated the new Chinese year.

It was nice to get to know more about the Vietnamese culture and how our Vietnamese students celebrate the Chinese New Year away from home.

The Officer Team and I enjoyed a lot of the Vietnamese food and games. We also loved the great Vietnamese dancing and singing.

Although this was not my first time attending the Tet show at UWE Bristol, it was interesting to see how this year’s Vietnamese Society committee have continued to follow the path of previous committees in making all Vietnamese students feel the spirit of the New Year, even though they are away from home and family.

It is worth mentioning that the Vietnamese Society have been brilliant this year; they organised an end of term Christmas party to bring joy and happiness to Vietnamese students during the festive period.

The Vietnamese Society this year have opened their door to not only Vietnamese students, but to all. It was such a great thing to see many students from different backgrounds attending and enjoying the great work and effort done by the Vietnamese Society to make such successful events.