We wish you a sustainable Christmas and a low carbon new year

Now you know us, we are always thinking of ways to reduce our impact on the planet, and Christmas is no exception. The festive season is a time of giving, which we know can mean a lot of excess plastic, paper and dare we say it - unwanted tat that you will not use past 22:00 on Christmas day.

That’s why we have put together our top tips to help you have a sustainable Christmas, from presents to food – we’ve got you covered!

Keep it local

We know that Amazon Prime is tempting, but we can guarantee that you will find some absolute gems if you head out and have a look around the shops. With Gloucester Road being home to an array of independent shops, you are not only sure to find some unique presents, but you will also be supporting local businesses!

Go vegetarian or vegan this Christmas

Hear us out before you say no! We know that Christmas is seen as a time of turkey and pigs in blankets, but you can still have a delicious Christmas dinner with the trimmings! We’re talking more room on the plate for roast potatoes and why not throw a Yorkshire pud on there as well!

Was meat-free too far? Well, why not go organic or shop seasonally?

If a vegan Christmas is a step too far, why not make a conscious effort to shop seasonally and organically? Not only will the food taste delicious, but it will also have fewer preservatives!

Buy a gift that keeps on giving

A jazzy tote bag; a reusable water bottle, coffee cup, make up products- the list of sustainable Christmas presents is endless! From the smaller gifts to something bigger like a hamper, you are sure to find something.

Go naked

We’re talking about the presents here… Wrapping paper is great stuff, but with so much waste and a surprisingly large amount of it being non-recyclable, why not use newspaper, totes bags or just… go naked!

Use Amazon Smile

Okay, we know that Amazon is handy, so if you do use it, set up an Amazon Smile account and donate 0.5% of the total cost to charity!

Donate to charity instead of buying something

Can’t think of what to get for Christmas? Why not ask or buy something for charity? There are options to suit all budgets, including donating to our ‘Forest the size of UWE Bristol’ campaign, which will cost as little as £3.27!

Make your own decorations

You can make decorations out of recycled paper, twigs from the garden, old cans, last year’s Christmas cards, old bottles, old CDs – literally anything you can think of. This will not only save you a load of money, but you can be sure that your house will be unique!