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Extra Information: The only reasonable healthy option for drinks as part of the meal deal are water and coconut water, neither of which are that great. Most supermarkets offer a selection of fruit juices, fruit mix drinks, smoothies or similar as part of a meal deal, and it would nice if we could have some too. They don't even have to be the nice innocent smoothie ones with the vitamins and all that, just any sort of fruit drink.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 30 November 2023 and closed for voting on 22 January 2024.
  • Jan 2024: Our shop has now started to stock healthier juice options which are now included as part of the meal deal.


Rebekah Haley
9:13am on 17 Jan 24 Would love this, as I cannot drink sweetners so atm I have to buy a drink and give it to someone else as I cannot drink it.
Ema Proksova
11:06am on 15 Dec 23 I’ve had this problem myself and I think this is a great idea. My thought was to offer two snacks instead of a drink and those could include easy to it fruit like bananas or apples, etc…
J Male
4:54pm on 30 Nov 23 Thank you for this. I constantly wish that there was apple juice or a smoothie in the SU shop. Having to buy a fizzy drink so my lunch is cheaper is frustrating and not sustainable.
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