Best ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Bristol

St. Patrick's Day

It’s one of those holidays we all leap on - whether of Irish descent or not, we all love celebrating St. Paddy’s Day. Traditionally synonymous with a knees up and a boogie, whilst Bristol has plenty of those kind of events to offer, it’s also the perfect place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in alternative ways. Here’s your lowdown on the best ways to spend the celebration in Bristol:

1. Transport yourself to Dublin (or at least pretend) and head to one of Bristol's Irish pubs 

You’re spoilt for choice in Bristol with the Irish pub scene. We’re talking Seamus O’Donnell’s, a stone’s throw from St. Nicholas Market, which locals believe has the best pint of Guinness in the city. Then there’s Molloy’s, which is a relaxed bar for a chilled St. Paddy’s afternoon. And for those of you fancying avoiding the buzz of the city centre, Shebeen is tucked away just behind Clifton Down Station for a cosy afternoon with friends

2. Join in the St. Paddy's Day Parade

Nothing quite says celebration like the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the city centre. Taking place on Sunday 15 March, the parade begins at The Trinity Centre and winds through Old Market to Bristol’s Old City, ending with a buzzing street party outside the aforementioned best-pint-of-Guinness heralding pub, Seamus O’Donnell’s. A community feel to a celebration really does make it special.

3. Your Students' Union is celebrating, too! 

You didn’t think we’d neglect St. Paddy’s, did you?! On 17 March from 17:00 in Union 2, Frenchay Campus, we’ve got DJs, drinks and deals galore! There’ll be a St. Patrick’s sharing cocktail, a Paddy-themed mocktail and deals on Guinness and Carlsberg. Come and celebrate at The Students’ Union – you don’t even have to venture into town for the party!

4. Go out-out if you wish with popular St. Patrick's-themed parties 

Irish attire is very much encouraged at SWX’s St. Patrick’s Day bash, with free giveaways involved and every chance to boogie. The city centre will be buzzing on the evening: undoubtedly many venues will be offering fod and drinks deals. If you fancy going out-out, Bristol’s the place to be.

5. Give to a green cause to celebrate the occasion 

Give back to an Irish charity. Concern Worldwide is an international charity from Ireland that helps vulnerable people across the planet get a roof over their heads, providing food and healthcare to improve quality of life. Working to end extreme poverty, this is an incredible charity to support to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with purpose.

However you spend St. Patrick's Day, make sure it's in a way which makes you feel safe and happy - ensure you drink responsibly. For more information on keeping safe on nights out, ready about our Late Night Do It Right initiative. And to keep up to date with our St. Patrick's Day plans at The Students' Union, you can do so here