How does The Students’ Union represent your academic interests?

At The Students’ Union, we work with around 1000 UWE Bristol Student Representatives to ensure that your voice is heard at every level of UWE Bristol’s Academic Governance Structure. This blog will tell you a little bit more about who they are and what they do for you!


Student Reps

Student Reps handle course level feedback. When you have enjoyed something on your course or thought something could be done to improve it, take it to your Student Reps, and they’ll raise it with your programme leader so that you don’t have to!

Student Reps have achieved loads, from adjusting the style of exams to restructuring modules. If you don’t know who your Student Reps are, then check on MyUWE, Blackboard, or with your programme leaders. If you know of a Student Rep who has gone above and beyond this year, then nominate them here for a Student Experience Award.


Department Reps

Department Reps are elected from Student Reps within your department. They look into gaining feedback from the department, but more specifically in these areas: Sustainability, Diversity and  Inclusivity, and Academic Processes.

Do you think that your department could do more to promote sustainability? Is your reading list diverse enough? And how do you feel about your coursework feedback? You can take your opinions on this and much more to your Department Reps. Their details can be found here.


Lead Department Reps

Lead Department Reps are students who are employed by The Students’ Union to represent your voice at a department level in meetings and with faculties as a whole. They work on a number of campaigns throughout the year and are always looking to gain feedback from all students.

This year they have successfully rallied to improve careers fairs, raise the awareness of men being a minority in nursing, and are currently running a university-wide report on students’ mental health. Find your Lead Department Rep here.


Get to know the students who represent you and actively use them to ensure your voice is being heard. If you’re a third year, make sure that you use your voice at the next level by completing the National Student Survey and giving your opinion on your whole UWE Bristol experience.