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Currently the minimum card spend at the SU bar is £3. Sometimes we don't have cash to pay for something under £3, but we don't want to pay more for another item of food/drink to meet the minimum. It would be great to give the servers an option on the till to round the shortfall up to the minimum spend limit (giving the customer the option first!), with that round-up then donated to RAG.


Since a number of drinks are available for £2.95,  allowing a customer to round 5p up to £3 might be a great way of raising money for RAG.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 26 Sept 16 and closes for voting on 17 Oct 2016.
  • This Idea has conditionally passed. Work will start on this Idea unless it is vetoed by 50%+1 of the Student Council Meeting on 24 Nov 2016. Click here for more info
  • Student Council agreed to pass this Idea. This Idea is now Students’ Union policy and has been sent to The Executive for work to begin.
  • 24th May: this was costed at approx. £2500 for the year in lost sales. The Board of Trustees agree with the principle of supporting further charitable giving via the shop but it would have to be cost neutral to the organisation. A working group is required to look at what may be the best option and to look to trial over Welcome providing a budget code to retain the cost neutral position. This will be reviewed after the trial period and if the costs can be off set then can move forward.


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