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There are two separate policies that govern travel expenses; one for paid staff and another for trips undertaken as part of a sport or society activity.


The two expenses systems are;


Staff Less than 80 miles

45p per mile


Staff over 80 miles

£29 plus the mileage at 10.5p per mile or the mileage at the casual user rates, whichever is the lowest amount.


Sport/Society Activity - Students

Flat rate of 25p per mile



60 miles : Staff = £27, Student = £15

120 miles : Staff = £35, Student = £30

180 miles : Staff = £44, Student = £45


Remember that almost all fuel reclaims are for under 120 miles - so staff almost always get paid more (& often don't have cars loaded up with equipment)


Figure correct as of April 2016

(HMRC recommended rate is 45p per mile regardless of distance)

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