Justice, Equality and Representation for BME Students

BME students are under-represented and the Students' Union is not inclusive.

The Students' Union is run by white people and the majority of elected officers are white.

This idea is to mandate and authorise the Students' Union President to work on bringing justice and equality to all BME students and to get more BME students and staff involved in the Students' Union.

The Students' Union President is mandated to do the following:


1- Amending the definition of BME to include and be limited to African, Asian, Arab, East European and Caribbean heritages.

2- Getting more BME representation in the Students' Union including full-time elected officers, student staff and staff members (according to the suggested definition and not the current one)

3- Allocating a certain budget to be agreed upon by the trustees to hire a consultancy to re-structure the Students' Union to be more inclusive and  diverse

4- Forming a BME committee made of BME students and BME staff members to work on BME-related issues and be consulted on everything that concerns BME students such as Black History Month

5- Allocating a certain budget for Black History Month to cover a variety of events to represent properly the Black History in Britain

6- Hiring a full-time staff member who is self-defined as a BME (according to the suggested definition) to handle all the BME-related issues and coordinate with the BME committee to make sure that BME representation is on the right track

7- To embed this idea within the strategy of the Students' Union and to be flagged as a high priority for the Students' Union

8- The Democratic Procedures Committee should be formed of at least 50% BME students according to the suggested definition

9- To amend the constitution and include the BME Committee in the constitution


This idea should be enforced within a month after being successfully voted and the Students' Union President should be held accountable before the BME Committee and DPC should be overseeing the democratic procedures of its enforcement

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 17 Oct 2016 and closes for voting on 07 Nov 2016.
  • This Idea has conditionally passed. Work will start on this Idea unless it is vetoed by two-thirds of the Student Council Meeting on 24 Nov 2016. Click here for more info
  • November 2016: Student Council sent this Idea back to its proposer with a request to clarify what action the Idea is calling for as the additioanl information does not consitute policy. The Idea has been returned to the original proposer who is in discussion with the SU and DPC as to how best to continue.
  • May 2017: there has been no ocntact from the original Idea proposer to date.


Oluwadamilare Olarinde
10:15pm on 31 Oct 16 this is a great and very needed idea
Syed Bukhari
3:27pm on 20 Oct 16 We need to be represented and this does it
Sahra Dahir
2:42pm on 20 Oct 16 Amazing idea
Sahra Dahir
2:41pm on 20 Oct 16 Amazing idea
Danielle Sepersaude
11:41am on 20 Oct 16 I think it is an awesome idea??
Mohammad Elias
9:48pm on 19 Oct 16 cool
Dana Amosh
6:37pm on 19 Oct 16 We need to have a voice and to be represented on all levels
Itfaque Ashrif
3:30pm on 19 Oct 16 Good idea
Kenechi Ogbu
3:12pm on 19 Oct 16 It is necessary for the minority to be represented.
Adam Ismail
12:59pm on 19 Oct 16 I strongly agree with the idea and see it to be of great benefit.
Reuel Pillay
12:16pm on 19 Oct 16 :)
Abdullah Al-Shibli
10:48pm on 18 Oct 16 Justice for once please
Al Al Juma
10:47pm on 18 Oct 16 Make it happen
Al Al Juma
10:47pm on 18 Oct 16 Make it happen
Al Al Juma
10:47pm on 18 Oct 16 Make it happen
Abdulhakka Sentamu
9:59pm on 18 Oct 16 I support the idea
Damilola Olukini
9:23pm on 18 Oct 16 Good idea, hope it work!
Eneni Bambara - Abban
4:09pm on 18 Oct 16 Aweeessssooooooommmmeeeeeeeeee idea :)
Mohamed Gamal Ahmed
4:03pm on 18 Oct 16 Great idea
Hassan Elkaialy
3:37pm on 18 Oct 16 Very good idea
Hassan Badr
3:35pm on 18 Oct 16 I think this a great idea for this university and for its future.
Oluwadamilola Odele
3:28pm on 18 Oct 16 It's a really good idea and I think it really needs to happen.
Mai Shafei
3:20pm on 18 Oct 16 Great idea
Abdelrahman Sobeih
3:03pm on 18 Oct 16 Amazing programme and hope it actually applies
Manish Gurung
10:09am on 18 Oct 16 Good idea
Shafi Ahmed
10:04am on 18 Oct 16 Great idea. Would make a positive impact
Mohamed Abdullahi
10:01am on 18 Oct 16 This is a great idea
Mohamed Khaled Abdalla Mohamed
9:57am on 18 Oct 16 Really support the idea
Amylia Mohd Sharif
9:54am on 18 Oct 16 A diversified representation is needed for a holistic view on things.
Rahul Farhan Menon
9:53am on 18 Oct 16 It's good having diversity in the student union so that different views are taken into account
Miriam Cristofoletti
9:49am on 18 Oct 16 Fantastic idea!
Omar Abid
9:44am on 18 Oct 16 I appreciate this great idea!
Shadrack Twum-Barima
9:37am on 18 Oct 16 It's a very great idea and needs to be payed attention to .
Omar Elsayed
8:21pm on 17 Oct 16 Get the voice of BME students heard
Xavier Baker
6:42pm on 17 Oct 16 We are all underrepresented and just because the majority say something, doesn't mean it's right.
Abdeg Omar
6:08pm on 17 Oct 16 An absolute brilliant idea, this idea should be enforced no doubt about it
Dean Mudenda
5:44pm on 17 Oct 16 I think it is a brilliant idea and I'd love to get involved with the processes of bringing it to fruition.
Khuram Ishtiaq
5:36pm on 17 Oct 16 Great idea keep up the good work!
Mofizur Hridoy
5:24pm on 17 Oct 16 great initiative......wish you all the best!
Ismail Abdi
5:24pm on 17 Oct 16 I support it!
Ijeoma Odunukwe
5:19pm on 17 Oct 16 It's cool!
Ziad Omar
4:50pm on 17 Oct 16 I strongly support this idea and believe that it should be applied in UWE
Khalifa Showaiter
4:37pm on 17 Oct 16 Yes for BME
Mohamed Riad
4:34pm on 17 Oct 16 Finally something to represent BME students
Karim Kohia
4:32pm on 17 Oct 16 Please enforce it
Mahmoud Abdelkader
4:31pm on 17 Oct 16 Thank you for putting this forward
Amr Abaza
4:29pm on 17 Oct 16 Love it
Emadeldin Shalaby
4:21pm on 17 Oct 16 The best one
Sarafina Finch
4:08pm on 17 Oct 16 Brilliant idea, it's such an important issue that needs addressing and to be fairly represented.
Linda Youssif Dafa'alla
4:06pm on 17 Oct 16 Great idea, that's what we need
Vicneesh Rajendran
4:02pm on 17 Oct 16 I am an Asian in this uni and it's hard to get a job after applying many times.????
Suresh Yoganthram
3:59pm on 17 Oct 16 I'm an asian in this university and I think equality needs to be spread out more amongst us and the locals as well as other international students ??
Marwan Mariami
3:56pm on 17 Oct 16 Yes for justice
Ezzeldin Khairallah
3:48pm on 17 Oct 16 This is really a nice one
Laith Aldabbas
3:44pm on 17 Oct 16 Interesting one
Okwumeyi Adole
3:42pm on 17 Oct 16 I think encouraged my BME students to get involved in the students union to aid representation is a very good and insightful idea
Olatunde Akande
3:39pm on 17 Oct 16 Great Idea. Equality for all!
Mostafa Soubhi
3:32pm on 17 Oct 16 So proud to see this idea
Nidhal El Kiri
3:24pm on 17 Oct 16 Yes' SU please
Yara Mohamed
3:23pm on 17 Oct 16 This is so cute
Nada Eldokmasy
3:23pm on 17 Oct 16 Better representation and equality
Iulia Tampiza
3:05pm on 17 Oct 16 The best idea ever!
Fatma Gamaleldin
3:03pm on 17 Oct 16 Best thing ever
Abdikarim Hussein
2:59pm on 17 Oct 16 A very nice one
Said Al-Junaibi
2:54pm on 17 Oct 16 This is a genius idea
Nafea Abdulla
2:52pm on 17 Oct 16 I am loving this
Naif Alghamdi
2:49pm on 17 Oct 16 Happy to see this happening
Jite Attah
2:45pm on 17 Oct 16 Great idea and something that would be extremely beneficial to the university
Fakhreddine Madi
2:12pm on 17 Oct 16 Wow i like the idea
Youssef Eleshy
2:10pm on 17 Oct 16 The best one so far
Osama Riyad
2:10pm on 17 Oct 16 Amazing idea
Saifeldin Elderini
2:08pm on 17 Oct 16 Awesome
Maha Abdelfadeel
2:07pm on 17 Oct 16 Yes please
Aoun Jwienat
1:59pm on 17 Oct 16 Let this happen please
Mina Naguib
1:54pm on 17 Oct 16 Yes, more like this please
Mina Naguib
1:54pm on 17 Oct 16 Yes, more like this please
Yazeed Sahioun
1:45pm on 17 Oct 16 I am so happy that someone put this idea
Odeh Al Dlahmeh
1:41pm on 17 Oct 16 Please more things like this
Youssef Mandour
1:37pm on 17 Oct 16 Awesome one
Mohamed Abdelrahman
1:30pm on 17 Oct 16 I hope this happens soon
Jack Ramzy
1:26pm on 17 Oct 16 This should happen to make things better
Reda Helmy
1:25pm on 17 Oct 16 I always wanted this to happen
Omar Alattas
1:24pm on 17 Oct 16 Good one
Robert-Jay Curry
12:34pm on 17 Oct 16 Before mandating the president to do thus why not elect a BME officer in the by-Elections to represent your views?
Arwa Flemban
12:30pm on 17 Oct 16 Excellent idea. Keep up the hard work
Saeed Kabrah
12:23pm on 17 Oct 16 Great idea to work on
Mohammad Shihab
12:09pm on 17 Oct 16 Yes we can
Abdelrahman Eldosh
12:03pm on 17 Oct 16 We need more things like this. We are under represented
Dhanvi Ramakrisnan
11:54am on 17 Oct 16 Keep up the good work
Noura Omar
11:49am on 17 Oct 16 This is amazing!
Bara' Ja'bari
11:47am on 17 Oct 16 What a great idea
Mohammad Ansari
11:46am on 17 Oct 16 This really what students need to happen
Hamzeh Darwazeh
11:36am on 17 Oct 16 Really a good idea
Othman Kalbouneh
11:24am on 17 Oct 16 Great idea
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