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Skateboarding has recently become an Olympic sport, which means team GB is recruiting. Every university wants to add to the future of their country and the world, and this can be by supporting the athletes of the present! UWE has a large population of skateboarders and even has its own skateboarding society. The park wouldn't have to be 24 hours and could be gated and therefore locked at curfew times. It doesn't even have to be necessarily large as skatepark building companies in the past have proven (Maverick Industries). This would be a fantastic stride forward for UWE to support a growing sport, support UWE skaters and also take a step that may be the first of all British universities. This could also lead to new people taking part in the sport and would also help the economy in Bristol because of all the local ,small business, skate shops. People could also be employed to teach the new sport. Rules and regulations would come with the park though, this would also include insurance. If this is voted through the best people to discuss the skatepark with would be the skateboarding society and experts such as maverick industries. The university would also be dependant on for decisions of land and rules.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 01 Nov 2016 and closes for voting on 22 Nov 2016.


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