Improve the quality & quantity of Halal food around campus.

One zone including with the SU need to understand that Halal food is a necessity on campus than just a choice, 50-100 sandwiches and one meal offered in one zone per day is not enough for a community of 2000 Muslim students on campus. There are private caterers around Bristol we should look into to improve our quality of food and reduce both the SU and students expense.
It is a struggle for every Muslim student and we need to change this for the better going forward.

Actions Taken

  • This Idea has conditionally passed. Work will start on this Idea unless it is vetoed by 50%+1 of the Student Council Meeting on 23 Feb 2017. 


Rahmadhini Hairuddin
1:37am on 7 Feb 17 Talking from the perspective of bower students, more halal options would be better but I've grown to understand the business nature of the cafe and always bring my own food from home anyway (and to also save money). but yeah, if i were to add feedbacks, maybe add varieties of food for other fellow muslims in Bower Ashton.
Sarah Sahrudin
8:48pm on 6 Feb 17 Add more varieties of halal food.
Philip McAllister
9:29am on 6 Feb 17 I am not sure, but think that there are posters etc around food serving establishments that will list all potential food sensitivities and hazards. Surely all you are asking is a greater quantity rather than larger choice? The SU (Onezone) are a business and as such are probably aware of the demand for food etc. They would only reduce supply to cut out waste and thus protect profits and keep down prices.I have never eaten at the Onezone, but will assume that all food is of a guaranteed quality, and that Halal food is not singled out to be of an inferior quality. My guess is that it probably tastes better.
Ahmad Samhan
12:06pm on 30 Jan 17 In addition to that, to Clearly identify if other offered food (that does not say Halal) contains Pork or Alcoholic ingredients.
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