The SU bar to be quieter during exam times

Not enough students have voted on this Idea. This Idea has failed.

During exams there are tighter rules on noise coming from halls, however for those living in Wallscourt we have the added problem of living next to the SU. During exams the SU continues as normal, which unfortunately for us means late nights of noise and people hanging around outside our flats. If there was music coming from someone else's flat, you can barely hear it, but the SU lacks in adequate soundproofing and much louder music, making it impossible to sleep at the best of times, let alone when you have an exam the next day. The proposal is to reduce the noise and prevent people from loitering outside of residential areas during exam periods.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on 12 Jan 2017 and closes for voting on 02 Feb 2017.


Josie Trapnell
11:02pm on 31 Jan 17 The noise honestly is an issue in Wallscourt and it was a big issue over the exam period where it was a struggle to sleep until past 3am which wasn't ideal when I had an exam the following morning. When we emailed about the issue many of us were told 'there wasn't a noise issue and it wasn't loud enough to be heard' which was confusing considering many of us agreed that it can still be heard when windows are closed. The warmer months were unbearable because you either boiled with the window closed and still hear the music, or you have it open and it's like you're stood outside of the SU regardless.
Sam Cope
11:32am on 18 Jan 17 The noise issue should be addressed for all times, not just exams. The SU is new, such issues shouldn't exist. People are always going to be outside flats getting drunk, this shouldn't be linked with the SU.
John Wyatt
8:10pm on 12 Jan 17 If the level of SU music can be heard from Wallscourt Accommodation that should be looked into, not just for exam times
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